Stencil< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Stencil< T >, including all inherited members.

apply(const Stencil< T > &a_stencil, const RectMDArray< T > &a_phi, RectMDArray< T > &a_lofPhi, const Box &a_bx)Stencil< T > [inline, static]
getCoefs() const Stencil< T > [inline]
getOffsets() const Stencil< T > [inline]
m_coefStencil< T > [private]
m_destRefratioStencil< T > [private]
m_destShiftStencil< T > [private]
m_offsetsStencil< T > [private]
m_srcRefratioStencil< T > [private]
makeInterpStencil(RectMDArray< Stencil >)Stencil< T > [inline]
operator()(const RectMDArray< T > &a_phi, const Box &a_bx) const Stencil< T > [inline]
operator*(const Stencil< T > a_stencil) const Stencil< T > [inline]
operator*=(const T &a_coef)Stencil< T > [inline]
operator+(const Stencil< T > a_stencil) const Stencil< T > [inline]
print() const Stencil< T > [inline]
setDestRefratio(Point a_pt)Stencil< T > [inline]
setDestShift(Point a_pt)Stencil< T > [inline]
setSrcRefratio(Point a_pt)Stencil< T > [inline]
Stencil()Stencil< T > [inline]
Stencil(pair< Shift, T > a_pair, Point a_destRefratio=getOnes(), Shift a_destShift=getZeros(), Point a_srcRefratio=getOnes())Stencil< T > [inline]
Stencil(vector< T > a_vecT, vector< Point > a_vecPt, Point a_destRefratio=getOnes(), Point a_destShift=getZeros(), Point a_srcRefratio=getOnes())Stencil< T > [inline, private]
stencilDump() const Stencil< T > [inline]

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