AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory Class Reference

#include <AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory.H>

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Detailed Description

AMR Wave Equation factory.

Public Member Functions

 AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory ()
 Null constructor.
virtual AMRLevelnew_amrlevel () const
 Virtual constructor.
virtual ~AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory ()
virtual void CFL (Real a_cfl)
 CFL number.
virtual void domainLength (Real a_domainLength)
 Physical dimension of the longest side of the domain.
void x0 (const Real &a_x0)
void IBC (PhysIBC *a_w0)
virtual void verbosity (const int &verbosity)
virtual void refinementThreshold (Real a_refineThresh)
 Refinement threshold.
void tagBufferSize (int a_tagBufferSize)
 Tag buffer size.
void initialDtMultiplier (Real a_initialDtMultiplier)
 Initial dt multiplier.
bool isDefined () const
 Check that everything is defined.

Protected Member Functions

void setDefaultValues ()

Protected Attributes

int m_verbosity
Real m_r0
Real m_cfl
bool m_cflSet
Real m_domainLength
bool m_domainLengthSet
Real m_refineThresh
bool m_refineThreshSet
int m_tagBufferSize
bool m_tagBufferSizeSet
Real m_initialDtMultiplier
bool m_initialDtMultiplierSet

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory &a_input)
 AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory (const AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory &a_input)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory (  ) 

Null constructor.

virtual AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::~AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory (  )  [virtual]


AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory ( const AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory a_input  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

virtual AMRLevel* AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::new_amrlevel (  )  const [virtual]

Virtual constructor.

Implements AMRLevelFactory.

virtual void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::CFL ( Real  a_cfl  )  [virtual]

CFL number.

virtual void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::domainLength ( Real  a_domainLength  )  [virtual]

Physical dimension of the longest side of the domain.

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::x0 ( const Real a_x0  ) 

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::IBC ( PhysIBC a_w0  )  [inline]

virtual void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::verbosity ( const int &  verbosity  )  [virtual]

virtual void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::refinementThreshold ( Real  a_refineThresh  )  [virtual]

Refinement threshold.

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::tagBufferSize ( int  a_tagBufferSize  ) 

Tag buffer size.

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::initialDtMultiplier ( Real  a_initialDtMultiplier  ) 

Initial dt multiplier.

bool AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::isDefined (  )  const

Check that everything is defined.

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::setDefaultValues (  )  [protected]

void AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory::operator= ( const AMRLevelWaveEqnFactory a_input  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by IBC().

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