BitSet Class Reference

#include <BitSet.H>

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Public Member Functions

 BitSet ()
 BitSet (int bits, bool init)
void define (int bits, bool init)
 BitSet (const BitSet &rhs)
BitSetoperator= (const BitSet &rhs)
bool operator< (const BitSet &rhs) const
 ~BitSet ()
bool operator[] (int i) const
void setTrue (int i)
void setFalse (int i)
bool isEmpty () const
bool isFull () const
int size () const
int linearSize () const
void linearIn (const void *const inBuf)
void linearOut (void *const a_outBuf) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int initialize ()

Static Public Attributes

static long int bytes
static long int peak

Private Attributes

int m_size
int m_length

Static Private Attributes



class BitSetIterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BitSet::BitSet (  ) 

BitSet::BitSet ( int  bits,
bool  init 

BitSet::BitSet ( const BitSet rhs  ) 

BitSet::~BitSet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void BitSet::define ( int  bits,
bool  init 

BitSet& BitSet::operator= ( const BitSet rhs  ) 

bool BitSet::operator< ( const BitSet rhs  )  const

Primary criterion: m_length. Secondary criterion: BITSETWORD-by-BITSETWORD lexicographic comparison of *m_bits.

bool BitSet::operator[] ( int  i  )  const [inline]

void BitSet::setTrue ( int  i  ) 

void BitSet::setFalse ( int  i  ) 

bool BitSet::isEmpty (  )  const

returns 'true' if the entire bitset is zero

bool BitSet::isFull (  )  const

returns 'true' if entire bitset is 1

int BitSet::size (  )  const [inline]

References m_size.

static int BitSet::initialize (  )  [static]

int BitSet::linearSize (  )  const

void BitSet::linearIn ( const void *const   inBuf  ) 

void BitSet::linearOut ( void *const   a_outBuf  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class BitSetIterator [friend]

Member Data Documentation

long int BitSet::bytes [static]

long int BitSet::peak [static]

BITSETWORD* BitSet::m_bits [private]

int BitSet::m_size [private]

Referenced by operator[](), and size().

int BitSet::m_length [private]

Referenced by operator[]().

BITSETWORD BitSet::trueMasks[BITSETWORDSIZE] [static, private]

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