EBCellFactory Class Reference

#include <EBCellFactory.H>

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Detailed Description

Factory class to produce EBCellFABs.

Factory class to produce EBCellFABs. This is needed for LevelData construction.

Public Member Functions

virtual EBCellFABcreate (const Box &a_box, int a_ncomps, const DataIndex &a_dit) const
 factory function.
 EBCellFactory (const EBISLayout &a_ebisl)
virtual ~EBCellFactory ()

Private Member Functions

 EBCellFactory (const EBCellFactory &a_inputs)
 EBCellFactory ()
void operator= (const EBCellFactory &a_inputs)

Private Attributes

EBISLayout m_ebisl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EBCellFactory::EBCellFactory ( const EBISLayout a_ebisl  ) 

create the factory with an ispace. calls full define function

virtual EBCellFactory::~EBCellFactory (  )  [virtual]

EBCellFactory::EBCellFactory ( const EBCellFactory a_inputs  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

EBCellFactory::EBCellFactory (  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

virtual EBCellFAB* EBCellFactory::create ( const Box a_box,
int  a_ncomps,
const DataIndex a_dit 
) const [virtual]

factory function.

Creates a new baseebcellfab object and returns a pointer to it. Responsiblitly for calling operator 'delete' on this pointer is passed to the user.

Implements DataFactory< EBCellFAB >.

void EBCellFactory::operator= ( const EBCellFactory a_inputs  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

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