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#include <FaceIterator.H>

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Detailed Description

Iterator over faces within an IntVectSet and an Ebgraph.

Iterator over within an IntVectSet and an Ebgraph. The enumeration tells which faces on which to stop.

Public Member Functions

 general construction
 FaceIterator (const Box &region, const EBGraph &a_ebgraph, int a_direction, const FaceStop::WhichFaces &a_location)
 specialized construction for most typical case: Irregular cells inside 'region'
 FaceIterator ()
 ~FaceIterator ()
 Going with the default...
void define (FACEITER_CTOR_ARGS)
void reset ()
void operator++ ()
const FaceIndexoperator() () const
bool ok () const
bool isDefined () const
const Vector< FaceIndex > & getVector () const

Private Member Functions

void doDefine (FACEITER_CTOR_ARGS)

Private Attributes

bool m_isDefined
Vector< FaceIndexm_faces
int m_iface
int m_direction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FaceIterator::FaceIterator ( FACEITER_CTOR_ARGS   ) 

general construction

FaceIterator::FaceIterator ( const Box region,
const EBGraph a_ebgraph,
int  a_direction,
const FaceStop::WhichFaces a_location 

specialized construction for most typical case: Irregular cells inside 'region'

FaceIterator::FaceIterator (  ) 

FaceIterator::~FaceIterator (  ) 

Going with the default...

Going with the default...

Member Function Documentation

void FaceIterator::define ( FACEITER_CTOR_ARGS   ) 

Looks in cache first, unless optional arg is true. Delegates to this->doDefine() if FaceIterator not found in cache.

void FaceIterator::reset (  ) 

void FaceIterator::operator++ (  ) 

const FaceIndex& FaceIterator::operator() (  )  const

bool FaceIterator::ok (  )  const

bool FaceIterator::isDefined (  )  const

const Vector<FaceIndex>& FaceIterator::getVector (  )  const

void FaceIterator::doDefine ( FACEITER_CTOR_ARGS   )  [private]

Enable or disable FaceIterator caching. Caching is enabled by default. Seems to break in parallel. Caveat emptor. Does the real work. this->define() looks in the cache first.

Member Data Documentation

bool FaceIterator::m_isDefined [private]

int FaceIterator::m_iface [private]

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