IndexType Member List

This is the complete list of members for IndexType, including all inherited members.

any() const IndexType [inline]
CELL enum valueIndexType
cellCentered() const IndexType [inline]
CellIndex enum nameIndexType
clear()IndexType [inline]
flip(int i)IndexType [inline]
IndexType()IndexType [inline]
IndexType(const IndexType &rhs)IndexType [inline]
IndexType(const IntVect &iv)IndexType [inline, explicit]
IndexType(D_DECL6(CellIndex i, CellIndex j, CellIndex k, CellIndex l, CellIndex m, CellIndex n))IndexType [inline]
itypeIndexType [private]
ixType(int dir) const IndexType [inline]
ixType() const IndexType [inline]
mask(int k)IndexType [inline, private, static]
NODE enum valueIndexType
nodeCentered() const IndexType [inline]
ok() const IndexType [inline]
operator!=(const IndexType &t) const IndexType [inline]
operator<(const IndexType &t) const IndexType [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const IndexType &itype)IndexType [friend]
operator=(const IndexType &rhs)IndexType [inline]
operator=(const IntVect &iv)IndexType [inline]
operator==(const IndexType &t) const IndexType [inline]
operator>>(std::istream &is, IndexType &itype)IndexType [friend]
operator[](int dir) const IndexType [inline]
set(int dir)IndexType [inline]
setall()IndexType [inline]
setType(int dir, CellIndex t)IndexType [inline]
test(int dir) const IndexType [inline]
TheCellType()IndexType [static]
TheNodeType()IndexType [static]
unset(int dir)IndexType [inline]

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