NodeCGSmoother Class Reference

#include <NodeCGSmoother.H>

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Detailed Description

Implements CG as a bottom smoother for LevelOp-derived classes.

The NodeCGSmoother class implements the CG algorithm for NodeLevelOp-derived classes

Public Member Functions

Constructor and destructor
 NodeCGSmoother ()
virtual ~NodeCGSmoother ()
virtual NodeBaseBottomSmoothernew_bottomSmoother () const
Parameter-setting functions
void setMaxIter (int a_max_iter)
void setSolverTol (Real a_solverTol)
Data modification functions
virtual void doBottomSmooth (LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > &a_phi, const LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > &a_rhs, NodeLevelOp *a_levelop_ptr)

Protected Attributes

int m_maxIter
Real m_solverTol
Real m_small
Real m_converge_small

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NodeCGSmoother::NodeCGSmoother (  ) 

Default constructor.

virtual NodeCGSmoother::~NodeCGSmoother (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual NodeBaseBottomSmoother* NodeCGSmoother::new_bottomSmoother (  )  const [virtual]

this gets around the "no virtual constructor" rule

Implements NodeBaseBottomSmoother.

void NodeCGSmoother::setMaxIter ( int  a_max_iter  ) 

set max number of CG iterations

void NodeCGSmoother::setSolverTol ( Real  a_solverTol  ) 

set solver tolerance (amount residual must be decreased, etc)

virtual void NodeCGSmoother::doBottomSmooth ( LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > &  a_phi,
const LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > &  a_rhs,
NodeLevelOp a_levelop_ptr 
) [virtual]

Perform CG smoothing of L(a_phi) = a_rhs, where L is the operator defined in a_levelop_ptr, and the preconditioner is a_levelop_ptr->levelPreconditioner().

a_phi  data at this level, to be smoothed
a_rhs  right-hand side at this level
a_levelop_ptr  pointer to the operator

Implements NodeBaseBottomSmoother.

Member Data Documentation

int NodeCGSmoother::m_maxIter [protected]

max number of iterations

solver tolerance

small parameter to check for division by zero

parameter to check for hanging

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