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#include <RefinementCriterion.H>

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This is the base class for refinement criterion used for the subdivision of cells in geometry generation. If the result if "doRefine()" is true, the cell is subdivided in the directions in which "a_refineInDir" is non-zero. The results of this subdivision are then combined to get results for the original cell.

Public Member Functions

 RefinementCriterion ()
 Null constructor.
virtual ~RefinementCriterion ()
virtual bool doRefine (Vector< int > &a_refineInDir, const int &a_dim, const Vector< Real > &a_dx, const Vector< Vector< Real > > &a_residual)=0
 Should a cell be subdivided and in which directions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RefinementCriterion::RefinementCriterion (  )  [inline]

Null constructor.

virtual RefinementCriterion::~RefinementCriterion (  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool RefinementCriterion::doRefine ( Vector< int > &  a_refineInDir,
const int &  a_dim,
const Vector< Real > &  a_dx,
const Vector< Vector< Real > > &  a_residual 
) [pure virtual]

Should a cell be subdivided and in which directions.

This method returns true if the current cell should be subdivided. The subdivsion should occur in all the directions where "a_refineInDir" is non-zero.

Implemented in FacesRefinement, FixedRefinement, NoRefinement, and ZResidualBasedRefinement.

Referenced by CutCellMoments< dim >::computeMoments().

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