ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc Class Reference

#include <CHArray.H>

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Detailed Description

Allocator for an array of matrices contiguous in memory.

Useful for allocating an array of matrices which can be easily passed to Fortran, etc.

Example - 1D Array of 2 3x3 matrices

 *     CHArray<CHMatrix, 1, ArZeroRow, ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc> AM;
 *     AM.getAllocator().define(3, 3);
 *     AM.define(2);
 *     AM(0) = 1.1;
 *     AM(1) = 1.9;
 *     std::cout << AM << std::endl;

Public Member Functions

 ArrayOfMatrixAlloc ()
void define (const USz_t a_m, const USz_t a_n)
CHMatrixallocate (const USz_t size)
void deallocate (CHMatrix *p, const USz_t size)

Private Attributes

USz_t m
USz_t n
bool defined

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc::define ( const USz_t  a_m,
const USz_t  a_n 
) [inline]

CHMatrix* ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc::allocate ( const USz_t  size  )  [inline]

void ArSp::ArrayOfMatrixAlloc::deallocate ( CHMatrix p,
const USz_t  size 
) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

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