Chombo + EB  3.0
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EBCFData Class Reference

#include <EBCFData.H>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EBCFData ()
 EBCFData (const DisjointBoxLayout &a_dblFine, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_dblCoar, const EBISLayout &a_ebislFine, const EBISLayout &a_ebislCoar, const ProblemDomain &a_domainCoar, const int &a_nref, const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &a_cfivs, const EBIndexSpace *const a_ebisPtr=Chombo_EBIS::instance(), bool a_doEBCFCrossing=true, bool a_doCornerEdgeIterators=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static void getExtrapSigns (IntVect &a_signs, const IntVect &a_corner, const Box &a_grid)
static void getEBCFIVSGrid (IntVectSet &a_ebcfivs, const Box &a_grid, const int &a_idir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_side, const IntVect &a_diagGrow, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const IntVectSet &a_cfivs, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox)
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static void getEdgeAndCornerIVS (IntVectSet &a_edgeIVS, IntVectSet &a_cornerIVS, const Box &a_grid, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const IntVectSet &a_cfivsGrid)
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Public Attributes

EBISLayout m_ebislCoar
EBISLayout m_ebislCoarsenedFine
EBISLayout m_ebislFine
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsCoar
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsCoarsenedFine
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsFine
ProblemDomain m_domainFine
ProblemDomain m_domainCoar
int m_refRat
bool m_doEBCFCrossing
LayoutData< VoFIteratorm_vofItEBCFLo [SpaceDim]
LayoutData< VoFIteratorm_vofItEBCFHi [SpaceDim]
LayoutData< VoFIteratorm_vofItCorners
LayoutData< VoFIteratorm_vofItEdges
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_cornerIVS
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_edgeIVS
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_ebcfivsLo [SpaceDim]
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_ebcfivsHi [SpaceDim]

Private Member Functions

void defineEdCoIterators (const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &a_cfivs)
void defineLoHiIterators (const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &a_cfivs)
bool getEBCFIVS (const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &a_cfivs)
 EBCFData ()
 EBCFData (const EBCFData &ebcin)
void operator= (const EBCFData &fabin)

Detailed Description

Stuff that objects that do eb/cf will need. Used by EBQuadCFInterp and EBTensorCFInterp. Not really all that useful outside their context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual EBCFData::~EBCFData ( )
EBCFData::EBCFData ( const DisjointBoxLayout a_dblFine,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_dblCoar,
const EBISLayout a_ebislFine,
const EBISLayout a_ebislCoar,
const ProblemDomain a_domainCoar,
const int &  a_nref,
const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &  a_cfivs,
const EBIndexSpace *const  a_ebisPtr = Chombo_EBIS::instance(),
bool  a_doEBCFCrossing = true,
bool  a_doCornerEdgeIterators = true 
EBCFData::EBCFData ( )

References MayDay::Error().

EBCFData::EBCFData ( const EBCFData ebcin)

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

static void EBCFData::getExtrapSigns ( IntVect a_signs,
const IntVect a_corner,
const Box a_grid 
static void EBCFData::getEBCFIVSGrid ( IntVectSet a_ebcfivs,
const Box a_grid,
const int &  a_idir,
const Side::LoHiSide a_side,
const IntVect a_diagGrow,
const ProblemDomain a_domain,
const IntVectSet a_cfivs,
const EBISBox a_ebisBox 

static for reuse

static void EBCFData::getEdgeAndCornerIVS ( IntVectSet a_edgeIVS,
IntVectSet a_cornerIVS,
const Box a_grid,
const ProblemDomain a_domain,
const IntVectSet a_cfivsGrid 

static for reuse

void EBCFData::defineEdCoIterators ( const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &  a_cfivs)
void EBCFData::defineLoHiIterators ( const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &  a_cfivs)
bool EBCFData::getEBCFIVS ( const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &  a_cfivs)

Builds the IntVectSets for where we need to do EB aware CF interpolation. Returns a bool that indicates if we need to do EB aware CF interp

void EBCFData::operator= ( const EBCFData fabin)

References MayDay::Error().

Member Data Documentation

EBISLayout EBCFData::m_ebislCoar
EBISLayout EBCFData::m_ebislCoarsenedFine
EBISLayout EBCFData::m_ebislFine
DisjointBoxLayout EBCFData::m_gridsCoar
DisjointBoxLayout EBCFData::m_gridsCoarsenedFine
DisjointBoxLayout EBCFData::m_gridsFine
ProblemDomain EBCFData::m_domainFine
ProblemDomain EBCFData::m_domainCoar
int EBCFData::m_refRat
bool EBCFData::m_doEBCFCrossing
LayoutData<VoFIterator> EBCFData::m_vofItEBCFLo[SpaceDim]
LayoutData<VoFIterator> EBCFData::m_vofItEBCFHi[SpaceDim]
LayoutData<VoFIterator> EBCFData::m_vofItCorners
LayoutData<VoFIterator> EBCFData::m_vofItEdges
LayoutData<IntVectSet> EBCFData::m_cornerIVS
LayoutData<IntVectSet> EBCFData::m_edgeIVS
LayoutData<IntVectSet> EBCFData::m_ebcfivsLo[SpaceDim]
LayoutData<IntVectSet> EBCFData::m_ebcfivsHi[SpaceDim]

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