FaceStencil Class Reference

#include <Stencils.H>

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Detailed Description

Face-centered Stencil for embedded boundary applications.

Public Member Functions

 FaceStencil ()
virtual ~FaceStencil ()
void clear ()
void add (const FaceIndex &face, const Real &weight, int variable=0)
virtual int size () const
void setAllVariables (int a_var)
const FaceIndexface (int i) const
virtual const Realweight (int i) const
virtual BaseIndexindex (int i) const
virtual const int & variable (int i) const
virtual int & variable (int i)
FaceStenciloperator+= (const FaceStencil &a_facesten)
FaceStenciloperator= (const FaceStencil &a_facesten)
 FaceStencil (const FaceStencil &a_facesten)
void operator*= (const Real &scaling)

Private Attributes

Vector< FaceIndexfaces
 the Faces
Vector< Realweights
 the weights
Vector< int > variables
 the variable numbers

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FaceStencil::FaceStencil (  ) 

virtual FaceStencil::~FaceStencil (  )  [virtual]

FaceStencil::FaceStencil ( const FaceStencil a_facesten  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void FaceStencil::clear (  ) 

void FaceStencil::add ( const FaceIndex face,
const Real weight,
int  variable = 0 

add an Face and it's weight If the face is already in the stencil, add the weights.

virtual int FaceStencil::size (  )  const [virtual]

number of Faces in the Stencil

Implements BaseStencil.

void FaceStencil::setAllVariables ( int  a_var  )  [inline]

References faces, Vector< T >::size(), and variables.

const FaceIndex& FaceStencil::face ( int  i  )  const

access an Face

Referenced by index().

virtual const Real& FaceStencil::weight ( int  i  )  const [virtual]

access a weight

Implements BaseStencil.

virtual BaseIndex& FaceStencil::index ( int  i  )  const [inline, virtual]

Implements BaseStencil.

References face().

virtual const int& FaceStencil::variable ( int  i  )  const [virtual]

Implements BaseStencil.

virtual int& FaceStencil::variable ( int  i  )  [virtual]

FaceStencil& FaceStencil::operator+= ( const FaceStencil a_facesten  ) 

add all faces and weights of inputs to this. If a face is already in the stencil, add the weights. only addition is well-defined here as far as arithmatic operations are concerned.

FaceStencil& FaceStencil::operator= ( const FaceStencil a_facesten  ) 

void FaceStencil::operator*= ( const Real scaling  ) 

Member Data Documentation

the Faces

Referenced by setAllVariables().

the weights

the variable numbers

Referenced by setAllVariables().

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