IrregNode Class Reference

#include <IrregNode.H>

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Detailed Description

Node for construction of geometric information.

Public Member Functions

 IrregNode ()
 ~IrregNode ()
void makeRegular (const IntVect &iv)
void faceReserve (int location, int size)

Static Public Member Functions

static int index (int a_idir, Side::LoHiSide a_side)
 return the index into the arc vectors

Public Attributes

IntVect m_cell
Real m_volFrac
 data for irregular nodes
int m_cellIndex
RealVect m_volCentroid
RealVect m_bndryCentroid
Vector< int > m_arc [2 *SpaceDim]
Vector< Realm_areaFrac [2 *SpaceDim]
Vector< RealVectm_faceCentroid [2 *SpaceDim]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IrregNode::IrregNode (  ) 

IrregNode::~IrregNode (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

static int IrregNode::index ( int  a_idir,
Side::LoHiSide  a_side 
) [static]

return the index into the arc vectors

void IrregNode::makeRegular ( const IntVect iv  ) 

helper function for construction. makes irregular cell that has connectivitity and values like a regular cell, this a person can modify as the irregular cell requires. saves some coding in some cases

void IrregNode::faceReserve ( int  location,
int  size 

Member Data Documentation

data for irregular nodes

each vof has a unique index in the cell

Indicies into a_nodes to show connectivity. If the arc is to an irregular cell, the index is the unique index of the vof in the cell. For arcs to regular cells, the arc = -2 If the arc is to the domain boundary, arc = -1.

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