MGLevelOp< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MGLevelOp< T >, including all inherited members.

addCoarserObserver(MGLevelOp< T > *a_operator, int a_coarseningFactor)MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
addObserver(MGLevelOpObserver< T > *a_observer)MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
applyOp(T &a_lhs, const T &a_phi, bool a_homogeneous=false)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
assign(T &a_lhs, const T &a_rhs)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
assignLocal(T &a_lhs, const T &a_rhs)LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
axby(T &a_lhs, const T &a_x, const T &a_y, Real a_a, Real a_b)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
clear(T &a_lhs)LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
clearObservee()MGLevelOpObserver< T > [inline]
create(T &a_lhs, const T &a_rhs)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
createCoarser(T &a_coarse, const T &a_fine, bool ghosted)=0MGLevelOp< T > [pure virtual]
dotProduct(const T &a_1, const T &a_2)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
dx() const LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
finerOperatorChanged(const MGLevelOp< T > &a_operator, int a_coarseningFactor)MGLevelOp< T > [inline, virtual]
incr(T &a_lhs, const T &a_x, Real a_scale)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
m_coarseningFactorsMGLevelOp< T > [private]
m_observersMGLevelOp< T > [private]
mDotProduct(const T &a_1, const int a_sz, const T a_2[], Real a_mdots[])LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
MGLevelOp()MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
MGLevelOp(const MGLevelOp &)MGLevelOp< T > [private]
MGLevelOpObserver()MGLevelOpObserver< T > [inline]
norm(const T &a_rhs, int a_ord)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
notifyObserversOfChange()MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
numObservers() const MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
operator=(const MGLevelOp &)MGLevelOp< T > [private]
operatorChanged(const MGLevelOp< T > &a_operator)MGLevelOpObserver< T > [inline, virtual]
preCond(T &a_cor, const T &a_residual)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
prolongIncrement(T &a_phiThisLevel, const T &a_correctCoarse)=0MGLevelOp< T > [pure virtual]
relax(T &a_correction, const T &a_residual, int a_iterations)=0MGLevelOp< T > [pure virtual]
removeObserver(MGLevelOpObserver< T > *a_observer)MGLevelOp< T > [inline]
residual(T &a_lhs, const T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs, bool a_homogeneous=false)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
restrictResidual(T &a_resCoarse, T &a_phiFine, const T &a_rhsFine)=0MGLevelOp< T > [pure virtual]
scale(T &a_lhs, const Real &a_scale)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
setObservee(MGLevelOp< T > *a_observee)MGLevelOpObserver< T > [inline]
setToZero(T &a_lhs)=0LinearOp< T > [pure virtual]
write(const T *a, const char *filename)LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
~LinearOp()LinearOp< T > [inline, virtual]
~MGLevelOp()MGLevelOp< T > [inline, virtual]
~MGLevelOpObserver()MGLevelOpObserver< T > [inline, virtual]

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