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AMRBoxesAndRanksIO.H File Reference
#include "IntVect.H"
#include "Box.H"
#include "Vector.H"
#include <string>
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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void readABRfile (Vector< Vector< Box > > &a_amrBoxes, Vector< Vector< int > > &a_amrRanks, Vector< int > &a_refinementRatio, Box &a_baseLevelBoundingBox, const std::string a_filename, const bool a_dataPerRank=false)
void writeABRfile (const Vector< Vector< Box > > &a_amrBoxes, const Vector< Vector< int > > &a_amrRanks, const Vector< int > &a_refinementRatio, const int a_numLevels, const int a_targetNumProcs, const Box &a_baseLevelBoundingBox, const std::string a_filename)

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void readABRfile ( Vector< Vector< Box > > &  a_amrBoxes,
Vector< Vector< int > > &  a_amrRanks,
Vector< int > &  a_refinementRatio,
Box a_baseLevelBoundingBox,
const std::string  a_filename,
const bool  a_dataPerRank = false 
void writeABRfile ( const Vector< Vector< Box > > &  a_amrBoxes,
const Vector< Vector< int > > &  a_amrRanks,
const Vector< int > &  a_refinementRatio,
const int  a_numLevels,
const int  a_targetNumProcs,
const Box a_baseLevelBoundingBox,
const std::string  a_filename