Chombo + EB  3.2
AMRTGA< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for AMRTGA< T >, including all inherited members.

AMRTGA(const RefCountedPtr< AMRMultiGrid< T > > &a_solver, const AMRLevelOpFactory< T > &a_factory, const ProblemDomain &a_level0Domain, const Vector< int > &a_refRat, int a_numLevels=-1, int a_verbosity=0)AMRTGA< T >
AMRTGA(const AMRTGA< T > &a_opin)AMRTGA< T >inlineprivate
AMRTGA()AMRTGA< T >inlineprivate
applyHelm(Vector< T * > &a_ans, Vector< T * > &a_source, int a_lbase, int a_lmax, Real a_mu, Real a_dt, bool a_homogeneousBC)AMRTGA< T >protected
createData(Vector< T * > &a_source, int a_lbase, int a_lmax)AMRTGA< T >protected
m_dataCreatedAMRTGA< T >private
m_level0DomainAMRTGA< T >private
m_mu1AMRTGA< T >private
m_mu2AMRTGA< T >private
m_mu3AMRTGA< T >private
m_mu4AMRTGA< T >private
m_numLevelsAMRTGA< T >private
m_opsAMRTGA< T >private
m_refRatAMRTGA< T >private
m_rhstAMRTGA< T >private
m_solverAMRTGA< T >private
m_srctAMRTGA< T >private
m_verbosityAMRTGA< T >private
newOp(const ProblemDomain &a_indexSpace, const AMRLevelOpFactory< T > &a_opFact)AMRTGA< T >inline
oneStep(Vector< T * > &a_phiNew, Vector< T * > &a_phiOld, Vector< T * > &a_source, const Real &a_dt, int a_lbase, int a_lmax, Real a_timeOld=0)AMRTGA< T >
operator=(const AMRTGA< T > &a_opin)AMRTGA< T >inlineprivate
resetAlphaAndBeta(const Real &a_alpha, const Real &a_beta)AMRTGA< T >
setMu()AMRTGA< T >protected
setTime(Real time)AMRTGA< T >
solveHelm(Vector< T * > &a_ans, Vector< T * > &a_rhs, int a_lbase, int a_lmax, Real a_mu, Real a_dt)AMRTGA< T >protected