Chombo + EB  3.2
EBISLayout Member List

This is the complete list of members for EBISLayout, including all inherited members.

coarsen(const VolIndex &a_vof, const int &a_ratio, const DataIndex &a_datInd) const EBISLayout
define(const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_grids, const int &a_nghost, const LevelData< EBGraph > &a_graph, const LevelData< EBData > &a_data, const Real &a_dx, bool a_hasMoments)EBISLayout
getDisjointLayout() const EBISLayout
getDomain() const EBISLayout
getEBIS() const EBISLayout
getGhost() const EBISLayoutinline
getGrownLayout() const EBISLayout
getMaxCoarseningRatio() const EBISLayout
getMaxRefinementRatio() const EBISLayout
isDefined() const EBISLayout
operator[](const DataIndex &a_index) const EBISLayout
refCount() const EBISLayoutinline
refine(const VolIndex &a_vof, const int &a_ratio, const DataIndex &a_datInd) const EBISLayout
refine(const FaceIndex &a_face, const int &a_ratio, const DataIndex &a_datInd) const EBISLayout
setEBIS(const EBIndexSpace *const a_ebisPtr)EBISLayout
setMaxCoarseningRatio(const int &a_maxCoarsen, const EBIndexSpace *const a_ebisPtr)EBISLayout
setMaxRefinementRatio(const int &a_maxRefine, const EBIndexSpace *const a_ebisPtr)EBISLayout