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IrregTag Class Reference

#include <IrregTag.H>


class  Entry

Public Member Functions

 IrregTag ()
 ~IrregTag ()
void read (const std::string &a_filename)
void read (HDF5Handle &handle)
void write (const std::string &a_filename)
void write (HDF5Handle &handle)
void setTags (const VolIndex &a_vol, const Vector< int > &tags, const Vector< double > &values)
void close ()
TagSet tags (const VolIndex &a_index) const
int numVol () const
TagSet tags (int a_tagsetIndex) const

Private Attributes

bool m_closed
IntVectSet m_ivs
std::list< Entrym_accumulator
Vector< Entrym_set

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IrregTag::IrregTag ( )
IrregTag::~IrregTag ( )

Member Function Documentation

void IrregTag::read ( const std::string &  a_filename)

/name I/O routines

void IrregTag::read ( HDF5Handle handle)
void IrregTag::write ( const std::string &  a_filename)

IrregTag class must be closed before writing

See Also
void IrregTag::write ( HDF5Handle handle)

IrregTag class must be closed before writing

See Also
void IrregTag::setTags ( const VolIndex a_vol,
const Vector< int > &  tags,
const Vector< double > &  values 

/name Construction routines

void IrregTag::close ( )

Called when no more calls to setTags will be performed.

TagSet IrregTag::tags ( const VolIndex a_index) const

/name Access routines

IrregTag object must be 'closed' before these operations can be performed.

See Also

Referenced by IrregTag::Entry::define().

int IrregTag::numVol ( ) const
TagSet IrregTag::tags ( int  a_tagsetIndex) const

Member Data Documentation

bool IrregTag::m_closed
IntVectSet IrregTag::m_ivs
std::list<Entry> IrregTag::m_accumulator
Vector<Entry> IrregTag::m_set

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