PetscSolverPoisson< T > Class Template Reference

#include <PetscSolver.H>

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template<class T>
class PetscSolverPoisson< T >

Public Member Functions

 PetscSolverPoisson ()
virtual void define (Real a_dx, bool a_homogeneous=true)
virtual void define (LinearOp< T > *a_op, bool a_homogeneous=true)

Public Attributes

Real m_alpha
Real m_beta

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class T>
PetscSolverPoisson< T >::PetscSolverPoisson (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
virtual void PetscSolverPoisson< T >::define ( Real  a_dx,
bool  a_homogeneous = true 
) [virtual]

Set Function F(u) = 0 and Jacobian dF(u)/du for nonlinear solves

Reimplemented from PetscSolver< T >.

template<class T>
virtual void PetscSolverPoisson< T >::define ( LinearOp< T > *  a_operator,
bool  a_homogeneous = true 
) [inline, virtual]

Define the operator and whether it is a homogeneous solver or not. The LinearSolver does not take over ownership of this a_operator object. It does not call delete on it when the LinearSolver is deleted. It is meant to be like a late-binding reference. If you created a_operator with new, you should call delete on it after LinearSolver is deleted if you want to avoid memory leaks.

Reimplemented from PetscSolver< T >.

References PetscSolver< T >::define().

Member Data Documentation

template<class T>
Real PetscSolverPoisson< T >::m_alpha

template<class T>
Real PetscSolverPoisson< T >::m_beta

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