Chombo + EB  3.2
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STLMesh Class Reference

The whole mesh. More...

#include <STLMesh.H>


struct  conninfo
 Connectivity. More...
struct  edgelist
 Edges. More...
struct  trilist
 Triangles. More...
struct  vertlist
 Vertices. More...

Public Member Functions

void PrintMesh ()
void Transform (const Real scale, const RealVect translate, const Real theta, RealVect axis)

Public Attributes

vertlist vertices
edgelist edges
trilist triangles
conninfo connect
Real tol

Detailed Description

The whole mesh.

Member Function Documentation

void STLMesh::PrintMesh ( )
void STLMesh::Transform ( const Real  scale,
const RealVect  translate,
const Real  theta,
RealVect  axis 

Member Data Documentation

vertlist STLMesh::vertices
edgelist STLMesh::edges
trilist STLMesh::triangles
conninfo STLMesh::connect
Real STLMesh::tol

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