CH_Counters.H File Reference

#include <sys/time.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "FortranNameMacro.H"
#include "BaseNamespaceHeader.H"
#include "BaseNamespaceFooter.H"

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#define NCOUNTERS   3


double TimerGetTimeStampWC ()
long long int & ch_flops ()
void CountersInit ()
void readCounters ()
void streamDump (std::ostream &os)


struct {
   long long int   ch_flops
struct {
   long long int   ch_flops
long long int ch_counters [NCOUNTERS]
int ch_eventset

Define Documentation

#define NCOUNTERS   3

Function Documentation

double TimerGetTimeStampWC (  )  [inline]

long long int& ch_flops (  )  [inline]

References ch_timer, CH_TIMER, and FORTRAN_BASENAME.

void CountersInit (  ) 

void readCounters (  )  [inline]

References ch_counters, and ch_eventset.

void streamDump ( std::ostream &  os  ) 

Variable Documentation

long long int ch_flops

struct { ... } CH_TIMER

struct { ... } ch_timer

Referenced by ch_flops().

long long int ch_counters[NCOUNTERS]

Referenced by readCounters().

Referenced by readCounters().

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