RootSolver.H File Reference

Detailed Description

Root solvers.

#include <cmath>
#include <algorithm>
#include "CH_assert.H"
#include "BaseNamespaceHeader.H"
#include "BaseNamespaceFooter.H"

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namespace  RootSolver


struct  RootSolver::RootTr< T >
struct  RootSolver::RootSolver::RootTr< float >
struct  RootSolver::RootSolver::RootTr< double >


template<typename T, typename Func>
RootSolver::Brent (int &numIter, const Func &f, T aPt, T bPt, T tol=RootTr< T >::tolerance(), const unsigned MAXITER=RootTr< T >::maxIter)
 Brent's root solver.

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