AMRNodeOpFactory Class Reference

#include <AMRNodeOp.H>

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AMRLevelOpFactory functions

Vector< ProblemDomainm_domains
Vector< DisjointBoxLayoutm_boxes
Vector< Realm_dx
Vector< int > m_refRatios
NodeBCFunc m_bc
Real m_alpha
Real m_beta
virtual AMRNodeOpAMRnewOp (const ProblemDomain &a_indexSpace)
virtual int refToFiner (const ProblemDomain &) const

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AMRNodeOpFactory ()
void define (const ProblemDomain &a_coarseDomain, const Vector< DisjointBoxLayout > &a_grids, const Vector< int > a_refRatios, const Real &a_coarsedx, NodeBCFunc a_bc, Real a_alpha=0., Real a_beta=1.)
 full AMR definition function
void define (const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_grid, const Real &a_dx, NodeBCFunc a_bc, int maxDepth=-1, Real a_alpha=0., Real a_beta=1.)
 regular multigrid definition function
MGLevelOpFactory functions
virtual AMRNodeOpMGnewOp (const ProblemDomain &a_FineindexSpace, int depth, bool homoOnly=true)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual AMRNodeOpFactory::~AMRNodeOpFactory (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void AMRNodeOpFactory::define ( const ProblemDomain a_coarseDomain,
const Vector< DisjointBoxLayout > &  a_grids,
const Vector< int >  a_refRatios,
const Real a_coarsedx,
NodeBCFunc  a_bc,
Real  a_alpha = 0.,
Real  a_beta = 1. 

full AMR definition function

void AMRNodeOpFactory::define ( const ProblemDomain a_domain,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_grid,
const Real a_dx,
NodeBCFunc  a_bc,
int  maxDepth = -1,
Real  a_alpha = 0.,
Real  a_beta = 1. 

regular multigrid definition function

virtual AMRNodeOp* AMRNodeOpFactory::MGnewOp ( const ProblemDomain a_FineindexSpace,
int  a_depth,
bool  a_homoOnly = true 
) [virtual]

Create an operator at an index space = coarsen(a_fineIndexSpace, 2^a_depth) Return NULL if no such Multigrid level can be created at this a_depth. If a_homoOnly = true, then only homogeneous boundary conditions will be needed.

Implements MGLevelOpFactory< LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > >.

virtual AMRNodeOp* AMRNodeOpFactory::AMRnewOp ( const ProblemDomain a_indexSpace  )  [virtual]

return a new operator. this is done with a new call. caller is responsible for deletion

Implements AMRLevelOpFactory< LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > >.

virtual int AMRNodeOpFactory::refToFiner ( const ProblemDomain a_indexSpace  )  const [virtual]

return refinement ratio to next finer level.

Implements AMRLevelOpFactory< LevelData< NodeFArrayBox > >.

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