BCHolder Class Reference

#include <BCFunc.H>

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Detailed Description

This class is a catch-all that can use a function pointer or a BCFunction object to impose boundary conditions.

Public Member Functions

 BCHolder ()
 BCHolder (BCFunc funcptr)
 Creates a BCHolder using a function pointer.
 BCHolder (RefCountedPtr< BCFunction > refptr)
 Creates a BCHolder using a BCFunction instance.
void operator() (FArrayBox &a_state, const Box &a_valid, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, Real a_dx, bool a_homogeneous, const DataIndex a_index=DataIndex())
void setTime (Real a_time)
RefCountedPtr< BCFunctiongetBCFunction ()
 Provides access to the bc function.

Protected Attributes

BCFunc m_funcptr
RefCountedPtr< BCFunctionm_bc

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BCHolder::BCHolder (  )  [inline]

Default constructor. Seems like this should be disallowed, since BCHolder isn't sub-classable, and there's no way to set the member pointer after creation.

BCHolder::BCHolder ( BCFunc  funcptr  )  [inline]

Creates a BCHolder using a function pointer.

BCHolder::BCHolder ( RefCountedPtr< BCFunction refptr  )  [inline]

Creates a BCHolder using a BCFunction instance.

Member Function Documentation

void BCHolder::operator() ( FArrayBox a_state,
const Box a_valid,
const ProblemDomain a_domain,
Real  a_dx,
bool  a_homogeneous,
const DataIndex  a_index = DataIndex() 
) [inline]

Imposes a boundary condition on a solution whose state is described by the given FArrayBox. The signature for this method matches its counterpart in BCFunction.

References m_bc, and m_funcptr.

void BCHolder::setTime ( Real  a_time  )  [inline]

Sets the time associated with the boundary condition, a la BCFunction::setTime. If this BCHolder holds a function pointer, this call does nothing.

References RefCountedPtr< T, OP >::isNull(), and m_bc.

RefCountedPtr<BCFunction> BCHolder::getBCFunction (  )  [inline]

Provides access to the bc function.

References m_bc.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by operator()().

Referenced by getBCFunction(), operator()(), and setTime().

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