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#include <BoxLayout.H>

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Detailed Description

Base class to transform boxes in an existing layout.

If you want to do something esoteric to each box in a layout and preserve its ordering and proc assignment, here is what you do. Define your own transformation that inherits from this and here is what the code will look like.

class MyTransform: public BaseTransform { virtual Box operator()(const Box& a_inputBox) { /do what you need to output the box you want given the input } };

BoxLayout bl1; //fill this one with starting layout BoxLayout bl2 = bl1; MyTransform mytrans; bl2.transform(mytrans);

Public Member Functions

virtual Box operator() (const Box &a_inputBox)=0
virtual ~BaseTransform ()
 apparently I have to declare this to make some compilers happy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual BaseTransform::~BaseTransform (  )  [inline, virtual]

apparently I have to declare this to make some compilers happy.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Box BaseTransform::operator() ( const Box a_inputBox  )  [pure virtual]

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