BoxIterator Class Reference

#include <BoxIterator.H>

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Detailed Description

iterates through the IntVects of a Box

BoxIterator iterates through the IntVects of a box. The actual sqeuence of IntVects is implementation-specific. Typical usage:

Box b; ... BoxIterator bit (b); for (bit.begin(); bit.ok(); ++bit) { IntVect iv = bit(); (do operations involving iv) }

Public Member Functions

 BoxIterator ()
 BoxIterator (const Box &a_bx)
void setBox (const Box &a_bx)
void define (const Box &a_bx)
 BoxIterator (const BoxIterator &a_iterIn)
 ~BoxIterator ()
void begin ()
void reset ()
void operator++ ()
void next ()
const IntVectoperator() () const
bool ok ()
unsigned long long size () const
IntVect at (unsigned long long pt) const

Protected Attributes

IntVect m_current
IntVect m_boxLo
IntVect m_boxHi

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BoxIterator::BoxIterator (  )  [inline]

Default constructor. This constructs an invalid iterator. The user must call define before using.

References m_boxHi, m_boxLo, m_current, IntVect::Unit, and IntVect::Zero.

BoxIterator::BoxIterator ( const Box a_bx  )  [inline]

Constructs a BoxIterator and associates it with a Box. Arguments: a_bx (not modified) the Box to iterate over.

References define().

BoxIterator::BoxIterator ( const BoxIterator a_iterIn  )  [inline]

Copy constructor. Arguments: a_iterIn (not modified) the BoxIterator to copy.

References m_boxHi, m_boxLo, and m_current.

BoxIterator::~BoxIterator (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void BoxIterator::setBox ( const Box a_bx  ) 

void BoxIterator::define ( const Box a_bx  ) 

Associates a Box with this BoxIterator. Arguments: a_bx (not modified) the Box to iterate over.

Referenced by BoundaryIterator::begin(), BoxIterator(), BoundaryIterator::next(), and BoundaryIterator::nextBox().

void BoxIterator::begin (  )  [inline]

void BoxIterator::reset (  )  [inline]

Sets this BoxIterator to the first IntVect in its Box. The definition of the "first" IntVect is implementation-dependent.

References begin().

void BoxIterator::operator++ (  )  [inline]

Modifies this BoxIterator to set it to the next location in its Box. The definition of the "next location" of a Box is implementation-dependent.

References next().

void BoxIterator::next (  )  [inline]

const IntVect & BoxIterator::operator() (  )  const [inline]

Returns the value of the InVect for the current location of this BoxIterator.

References CH_assert, m_boxHi, m_boxLo, and m_current.

bool BoxIterator::ok (  )  [inline]

unsigned long long BoxIterator::size (  )  const [inline]

References m_boxHi, and m_boxLo.

IntVect BoxIterator::at ( unsigned long long  pt  )  const

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by begin(), BoxIterator(), next(), ok(), and operator()().

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