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#include <Arena.H>

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A Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management.

This is a coalescing memory manager. It allocates (possibly) large chunks of heap space and apportions it out as requested. It merges together neighboring chunks on each free().

Public Types

enum  { DefaultHunkSize = 1024*1024 }
 The default memory hunk size to grab from the heap. More...

Public Member Functions

 CArena (size_t a_hunk_size=0)
virtual ~CArena ()
 The destructor.
virtual void * alloc (size_t a_nbytes)
 Allocate some memory.
virtual void free (void *a_vp)

Private Member Functions

 CArena (const CArena &a_rhs)
CArenaoperator= (const CArena &a_rhs)

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

The default memory hunk size to grab from the heap.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CArena::CArena ( size_t  a_hunk_size = 0  ) 

: Construct a coalescing memory manager. `a_hunk_size' is the minimum size of hunks of memory to allocate from the heap. If a_hunk_size == 0 we use DefaultHunkSize as specified below.

virtual CArena::~CArena (  )  [virtual]

The destructor.

CArena::CArena ( const CArena a_rhs  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void* CArena::alloc ( size_t  a_nbytes  )  [virtual]

Allocate some memory.

Implements Arena.

virtual void CArena::free ( void *  a_vp  )  [virtual]

Free up allocated memory. Merge neighboring free memory chunks into largest possible chunk.

Implements Arena.

CArena& CArena::operator= ( const CArena a_rhs  )  [private]

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