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#include <EBAMRPoissonOpFactory.H>

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Factory class to generate EBAMRPoissonOps. This follows the AMRLevelOpFactory interface.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~EBAMRPoissonOpFactory ()
 EBAMRPoissonOpFactory (const Vector< EBLevelGrid > &a_eblgs, const Vector< int > &a_refRatio, const Vector< RefCountedPtr< EBQuadCFInterp > > &a_quadCFI, const RealVect &a_dxCoarse, const RealVect &a_origin, const int &a_numPreCondIters, const int &a_relaxType, RefCountedPtr< BaseDomainBCFactory > a_domainBCFactory, RefCountedPtr< BaseEBBCFactory > a_ebBcFactory, const Real &a_alpha, const Real &a_beta, const Real &a_time, const IntVect &a_ghostCellsPhi, const IntVect &a_ghostCellsRhs, int a_numLevels=-1)
virtual void setData (Vector< RefCountedPtr< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > > > &a_data)
virtual void setType (Vector< RefCountedPtr< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< int > > > > &a_type)
virtual EBAMRPoissonOpMGnewOp (const ProblemDomain &a_FineindexSpace, int a_depth, bool a_homoOnly=true)
EBAMRPoissonOpcreateOperator (const EBLevelGrid &a_eblgMGLevel, const EBLevelGrid &a_eblgCoarMG, const bool &a_hasMGObjects, const bool &a_layoutChanged, const RealVect &a_dxMGLevel, const RealVect &a_dxCoar, RefCountedPtr< EBQuadCFInterp > &a_quadCFIMGLevel, const int &a_whichLevel, bool a_amrop)
virtual void reclaim (MGLevelOp< LevelData< EBCellFAB > > *a_reclaim)
virtual EBAMRPoissonOpAMRnewOp (const ProblemDomain &a_FineindexSpace)
virtual void AMRreclaim (EBAMRPoissonOp *a_reclaim)
virtual int refToFiner (const ProblemDomain &a_domain) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void setTestRef (int a_testRef)
static void setMaxBoxSize (int a_maxBoxSize)
static void setWhichReflux (int &a_whichReflux)
static int getWhichReflux ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_isDefined
int m_numPreCondIters
int m_relaxType
int m_numLevels
Vector< EBLevelGridm_eblgVec
Vector< RefCountedPtr
< EBQuadCFInterp > > 
Vector< Vector< EBLevelGrid > > m_eblgVecMG
std::vector< bool > m_hasMGObjects
std::vector< bool > m_layoutChanged
std::vector< std::vector< bool > > m_layoutChangedMG
Vector< int > m_refRatioVec
Vector< RealVectm_dxVec
RealVect m_origin
Real m_alpha
Real m_beta
Real m_time
const IntVect m_ghostCellsPhi
const IntVect m_ghostCellsRHS
< BaseDomainBCFactory
RefCountedPtr< BaseEBBCFactorym_ebBCFactory

Static Protected Attributes

static int s_testRef
static int s_maxBoxSize
static int s_whichReflux

Private Member Functions

 EBAMRPoissonOpFactory ()
 weak construction bad
 EBAMRPoissonOpFactory (const EBAMRPoissonOpFactory &a_opin)
void operator= (const EBAMRPoissonOpFactory &a_opin)

Private Attributes

Vector< RefCountedPtr
< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > > > 
bool m_dataBased
Vector< RefCountedPtr
< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< int > > > > 
bool m_typeBased

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::~EBAMRPoissonOpFactory (  )  [virtual]

EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::EBAMRPoissonOpFactory ( const Vector< EBLevelGrid > &  a_eblgs,
const Vector< int > &  a_refRatio,
const Vector< RefCountedPtr< EBQuadCFInterp > > &  a_quadCFI,
const RealVect a_dxCoarse,
const RealVect a_origin,
const int &  a_numPreCondIters,
const int &  a_relaxType,
RefCountedPtr< BaseDomainBCFactory a_domainBCFactory,
RefCountedPtr< BaseEBBCFactory a_ebBcFactory,
const Real a_alpha,
const Real a_beta,
const Real a_time,
const IntVect a_ghostCellsPhi,
const IntVect a_ghostCellsRhs,
int  a_numLevels = -1 

a_eblgs : layouts at each AMR level \ a_domainFactory : domain boundary conditions \ a_ebBCFactory: eb boundary conditions \ a_dxCoarse: grid spacing at coarsest level \ a_origin: offset to lowest corner of the domain \ a_refRatio: refinement ratios. refRatio[i] is between levels i and i+1 \ a_preCondIters: number of iterations to do for pre-conditioning \ a_relaxType: 0 means point Jacobi, 1 is Gauss-Seidel, 2 is line solver. \ a_alpha: coefficent of identity \ a_beta: coefficient of laplacian.\ a_time: time for boundary conditions \ a_ghostCellsPhi: Number of ghost cells in phi, correction (typically one)\ a_ghostCellsRhs: Number of ghost cells in RHS, residual, lphi (typically zero)\ Ghost cell arguments are there for caching reasons. Once you set them, an error is thrown if you send in data that does not match. Use numlevels = -1 if you want to use the size of the vectors for numlevels.

EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::EBAMRPoissonOpFactory (  )  [inline, private]

weak construction bad

References MayDay::Error().

EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::EBAMRPoissonOpFactory ( const EBAMRPoissonOpFactory a_opin  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

virtual void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::setData ( Vector< RefCountedPtr< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > > > &  a_data  )  [inline, virtual]

References m_data, and m_dataBased.

virtual void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::setType ( Vector< RefCountedPtr< LevelData< BaseIVFAB< int > > > > &  a_type  )  [inline, virtual]

References m_type, and m_typeBased.

virtual EBAMRPoissonOp* EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::MGnewOp ( const ProblemDomain a_FineindexSpace,
int  a_depth,
bool  a_homoOnly = true 
) [virtual]

Create an operator at an index space = coarsen(a_fineIndexSpace, 2^a_depth) Return NULL if no such Multigrid level can be created at this a_depth. If a_homoOnly = true, then only homogeneous boundary conditions will be needed.

Implements MGLevelOpFactory< LevelData< EBCellFAB > >.

EBAMRPoissonOp* EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::createOperator ( const EBLevelGrid a_eblgMGLevel,
const EBLevelGrid a_eblgCoarMG,
const bool &  a_hasMGObjects,
const bool &  a_layoutChanged,
const RealVect a_dxMGLevel,
const RealVect a_dxCoar,
RefCountedPtr< EBQuadCFInterp > &  a_quadCFIMGLevel,
const int &  a_whichLevel,
bool  a_amrop 

virtual void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::reclaim ( MGLevelOp< LevelData< EBCellFAB > > *  a_reclaim  )  [virtual]

virtual EBAMRPoissonOp* EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::AMRnewOp ( const ProblemDomain a_indexSpace  )  [virtual]

return a new operator. this is done with a new call. caller is responsible for deletion

Implements AMRLevelOpFactory< LevelData< EBCellFAB > >.

virtual void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::AMRreclaim ( EBAMRPoissonOp a_reclaim  )  [virtual]

virtual int EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::refToFiner ( const ProblemDomain a_domain  )  const [virtual]

Refinement ratio between this level and coarser level. Returns 1 when there are no coarser AMRLevelOp objects

Implements AMRLevelOpFactory< LevelData< EBCellFAB > >.

static void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::setTestRef ( int  a_testRef  )  [inline, static]

testRef is the size of the coarsest domain allowed in multigrid. If testRef=2, then the coarsest domain in multigrid will be 2x2(x2)

References s_testRef.

static void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::setMaxBoxSize ( int  a_maxBoxSize  )  [inline, static]

References s_maxBoxSize.

static void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::setWhichReflux ( int &  a_whichReflux  )  [static]

static int EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::getWhichReflux (  )  [static]

void EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::operator= ( const EBAMRPoissonOpFactory a_opin  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Data Documentation

int EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::s_testRef [static, protected]

Referenced by setTestRef().

int EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::s_maxBoxSize [static, protected]

Referenced by setMaxBoxSize().

std::vector< bool > EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::m_hasMGObjects [protected]

std::vector< bool > EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::m_layoutChanged [protected]

std::vector< std::vector<bool> > EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::m_layoutChangedMG [protected]

int EBAMRPoissonOpFactory::s_whichReflux [static, protected]

Referenced by setData().

Referenced by setData().

Referenced by setType().

Referenced by setType().

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