EBCoarToFineRedist Class Reference

#include <EBCoarToFineRedist.H>

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Detailed Description

Coarse to fine redistribution class.

Coarse to fine redistribution class.

Public Member Functions

 EBCoarToFineRedist ()
 ~EBCoarToFineRedist ()
void setToZero ()
void increment (const BaseIVFAB< Real > &a_coarseMass, const DataIndex &a_coarseDataIndex, const Interval &a_variables)
void redistribute (LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_fineSolution, const Interval &a_variables)
bool isDefined () const
void define (const DisjointBoxLayout &a_dblFine, const DisjointBoxLayout &a_dblCoar, const EBISLayout &a_ebislCoar, const Box &a_domainCoar, const int &a_nref, const int &a_nvar, int redistRad, const EBIndexSpace *ebisPtr)
 ugly but general define fcn
void define (const EBLevelGrid &a_eblgFine, const EBLevelGrid &a_eblgCoar, const int &a_nref, const int &a_nvar, const int &a_redistRad)
void resetWeights (const LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_modifierCoar, const int &a_ivar)

Protected Member Functions

void setDefaultValues ()
void defineDataHolders ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_isDefined
int m_redistRad
int m_nComp
int m_refRat
Box m_domainCoar
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsFine
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsCoar
DisjointBoxLayout m_gridsCedFine
LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > m_regsCoar
LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > m_regsCedFine
LevelData< EBCellFABm_densityCedFine
LayoutData< BaseIVFAB
< VoFStencil > > 
LayoutData< BaseIVFAB
< VoFStencil > > 
LayoutData< BaseIVFAB
< VoFStencil > > 
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_setsCedFine
LayoutData< IntVectSetm_setsCoar
EBISLayout m_ebislCoar
EBISLayout m_ebislCedFine

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const EBCoarToFineRedist &)
 EBCoarToFineRedist (const EBCoarToFineRedist &)


class EBFluxRegister

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EBCoarToFineRedist::EBCoarToFineRedist (  ) 

Default constructor. Leaves object undefined.

EBCoarToFineRedist::~EBCoarToFineRedist (  ) 

EBCoarToFineRedist::EBCoarToFineRedist ( const EBCoarToFineRedist  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

void EBCoarToFineRedist::setToZero (  ) 

Initialize values of registers to zero.

void EBCoarToFineRedist::increment ( const BaseIVFAB< Real > &  a_coarseMass,
const DataIndex a_coarseDataIndex,
const Interval a_variables 

Increments the register with data from coarseMass. This is the full redistribution mass. Internally the class figures out what actually goes to the fine level.

void EBCoarToFineRedist::redistribute ( LevelData< EBCellFAB > &  a_fineSolution,
const Interval a_variables 

Redistribute the data contained in the internal buffers.

bool EBCoarToFineRedist::isDefined (  )  const

void EBCoarToFineRedist::define ( const DisjointBoxLayout a_dblFine,
const DisjointBoxLayout a_dblCoar,
const EBISLayout a_ebislCoar,
const Box a_domainCoar,
const int &  a_nref,
const int &  a_nvar,
int  redistRad,
const EBIndexSpace ebisPtr 

ugly but general define fcn

Full define function. Define the stencils with volume weights. If you want mass weights or whatever, use reset weights.

void EBCoarToFineRedist::define ( const EBLevelGrid a_eblgFine,
const EBLevelGrid a_eblgCoar,
const int &  a_nref,
const int &  a_nvar,
const int &  a_redistRad 

Interface that uses EBLevelGrid potentially can be much faster when the number of boxes gets large.

void EBCoarToFineRedist::resetWeights ( const LevelData< EBCellFAB > &  a_modifierCoar,
const int &  a_ivar 

void EBCoarToFineRedist::setDefaultValues (  )  [protected]

void EBCoarToFineRedist::defineDataHolders (  )  [protected]

void EBCoarToFineRedist::operator= ( const EBCoarToFineRedist  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class EBFluxRegister [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int EBCoarToFineRedist::m_nComp [protected]

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