EBCoarsen Member List

This is the complete list of members for EBCoarsen, including all inherited members.

addWeight(VoFStencil &a_stencil, const Vector< VolIndex > &a_vofList, const Real &a_weight, const bool &a_hasVof) const EBCoarsen [protected]
checkStencil(VoFStencil &a_stencil, const Real &a_sum) const EBCoarsen [protected]
coarsenFAB(EBCellFAB &a_coar, const EBCellFAB &a_fine, const DataIndex &a_datInd, const Interval &a_variables)EBCoarsen [protected]
coarsenFine(LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_coarData, const LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_fineData, const Interval &a_variables)EBCoarsen
coarsenIrreg(EBCellFAB &a_coar, const EBCellFAB &a_fine, const DataIndex &a_dit, const Interval &a_variables)EBCoarsen [protected]
define(const EBLevelGrid &eblgFine, const EBLevelGrid &eblgCoar, const int &nref, const int &nvar)EBCoarsen
defineStencil(const LayoutData< IntVectSet > &a_cfivs)EBCoarsen [protected]
EBCoarsen(const EBLevelGrid &eblgFine, const EBLevelGrid &eblgCoar, const int &nref, const int &nvar)EBCoarsen
EBCoarsen(const EBCoarsen &ebcin)EBCoarsen [inline, private]
getCoarsenVoFStencil(VoFStencil &a_stencil, const EBISBox &a_ebisBoxCoar, const EBISBox &a_ebisBoxFine, const VolIndex &a_vofCoar, const DataIndex &a_datInd, const IntVectSet &a_cfivs)EBCoarsen [protected]
getVofsSideDir(Vector< VolIndex > &a_vofList, const VolIndex &a_vof, const IntVectSet &a_cfivs, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox, const int &a_dir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_side, const int &a_stepSize) const EBCoarsen [protected]
isDefined() const EBCoarsen
m_cfivsPtrEBCoarsen [protected]
m_coarsenedFineDataEBCoarsen [protected]
m_coarsenedFineEBISLEBCoarsen [protected]
m_coarsenedFineGridsEBCoarsen [protected]
m_coarsenStencilEBCoarsen [protected]
m_domainCoarEBCoarsen [protected]
m_domainFineEBCoarsen [protected]
m_ebislCoarEBCoarsen [protected]
m_ebislFineEBCoarsen [protected]
m_gridsCoarEBCoarsen [protected]
m_gridsFineEBCoarsen [protected]
m_isDefinedEBCoarsen [protected]
m_nCompEBCoarsen [protected]
m_refRatEBCoarsen [protected]
m_vofItEBCoarsen [protected]
operator=(const EBCoarsen &fabin)EBCoarsen [inline, private]
setDefaultValues()EBCoarsen [protected]

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