GMRESSolver< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GMRESSolver< T >, including all inherited members.

allocate()GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
ApplyAB(T &a_dest, const T &a_xx, T &a_temp) const GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
BuildGMRESSoln(Real nrs[], T &a_xx, const int it, const T vv_0[])GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
clearData()GMRESSolver< T > [inline]
CycleGMRES(T &xx, int &reason, int &itcount, Real &rnorm0, const bool avoidnorms=false)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
define(LinearOp< T > *a_op, bool a_homogeneous=true)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, virtual]
GMRESSolver()GMRESSolver< T > [inline]
m_dGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_dataGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_ddGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_eeGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_epsGMRESSolver< T >
m_exitStatusGMRESSolver< T >
m_hesGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_hhGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_homogeneousGMRESSolver< T >
m_imaxGMRESSolver< T >
m_normTypeGMRESSolver< T >
m_opGMRESSolver< T >
m_repsGMRESSolver< T >
m_restrtLenGMRESSolver< T > [private]
m_smallGMRESSolver< T >
m_verbosityGMRESSolver< T >
m_work_arrGMRESSolver< T > [private]
ResidualGMRES(T &a_vv, const T &a_xx, const T &a_bb, T &a_temp)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
restartLen() const GMRESSolver< T > [inline]
setConvergenceMetrics(Real a_metric, Real a_tolerance)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, virtual]
setHomogeneous(bool a_homogeneous)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, virtual]
setRestartLen(int mm)GMRESSolver< T > [inline]
solve(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, virtual]
TwoUnmodifiedGramSchmidtOrthogonalization(const int it)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
UpdateGMRESHessenberg(const int it, bool hapend, Real &res)GMRESSolver< T > [inline, private]
~GMRESSolver()GMRESSolver< T > [inline, virtual]
~LinearSolver()LinearSolver< T > [inline, virtual]

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