MGLevelOpFactory< T > Class Template Reference

#include <MultiGrid.H>

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template<class T>
class MGLevelOpFactory< T >

Factory class for generating MGLevelOps

Public Member Functions

 MGLevelOpFactory ()
 Base class constructor.
virtual ~MGLevelOpFactory ()
virtual MGLevelOp< T > * MGnewOp (const ProblemDomain &a_FineindexSpace, int a_depth, bool a_homoOnly=true)=0

Private Member Functions

 MGLevelOpFactory (const MGLevelOpFactory &)
MGLevelOpFactoryoperator= (const MGLevelOpFactory &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class T>
MGLevelOpFactory< T >::MGLevelOpFactory (  )  [inline]

Base class constructor.

template<class T>
virtual MGLevelOpFactory< T >::~MGLevelOpFactory (  )  [inline, virtual]


template<class T>
MGLevelOpFactory< T >::MGLevelOpFactory ( const MGLevelOpFactory< T > &   )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
virtual MGLevelOp<T>* MGLevelOpFactory< T >::MGnewOp ( const ProblemDomain a_FineindexSpace,
int  a_depth,
bool  a_homoOnly = true 
) [pure virtual]

Create an operator at an index space = coarsen(a_fineIndexSpace, 2^a_depth) Return NULL if no such Multigrid level can be created at this a_depth. If a_homoOnly = true, then only homogeneous boundary conditions will be needed.

Implemented in AMRNodeOpFactory, AMRPoissonOpFactory, NewPoissonOpFactory, NewPoissonOp4Factory, ViscousTensorOpFactory, NWOViscousTensorOpFactory, PoissonOp4Factory, ResistivityOpFactory, VCAMRPoissonOp2Factory, ViscousTensorOpFactory, EBAMRPoissonOpFactory, EBConductivityOpFactory, EBPoissonOpFactory, EBViscousTensorOpFactory, NWOEBConductivityOpFactory, NWOEBViscousTensorOpFactory, and slowEBCOFactory.

Referenced by MultiGrid< T >::define().

template<class T>
MGLevelOpFactory& MGLevelOpFactory< T >::operator= ( const MGLevelOpFactory< T > &   )  [private]

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