STLReader Member List

This is the complete list of members for STLReader, including all inherited members.

GetHeader() const =0STLReader [pure virtual]
GetMesh() const =0STLReader [pure virtual]
GetNtri(int &a_ntri) const =0STLReader [pure virtual]
GetNtriMatch(bool &a_ntriMatch) const =0STLReader [pure virtual]
m_ntriSTLReader [protected]
m_ntriMatchSTLReader [protected]
m_stlmeshSTLReader [protected]
operator=(const STLReader &a_inputReader)STLReader [inline, private]
ReadData(istream &a_file, const int offset)=0STLReader [protected, pure virtual]
STLReader()STLReader [inline]
~STLReader()STLReader [inline, virtual]

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