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#include <SumIF.H>

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Detailed Description

This implicit function is the sum of two (of more) implicit functions with which it is constructed.

Public Member Functions

 SumIF (const BaseIF &a_impFunc1, const BaseIF &a_impFunc2, const bool &a_sign)
 SumIF (const Vector< BaseIF * > &a_impFuncs)
 SumIF (const SumIF &a_inputIF)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~SumIF ()
void setSign (bool a_sign)
virtual Real value (const RealVect &a_point) const
virtual Real value (const IndexTM< Real, GLOBALDIM > &a_point) const
virtual Real value (const IndexTM< int, GLOBALDIM > &a_partialDerivative, const IndexTM< Real, GLOBALDIM > &a_point) const
virtual bool getSign () const
virtual BaseIFgetImplicitFunction (int a_num)
virtual BaseIFnewImplicitFunction () const
virtual void boxLayoutChanged (const DisjointBoxLayout &a_newBoxLayout, const RealVect &a_dx)

Protected Attributes

int m_numFuncs
Vector< BaseIF * > m_impFuncs
bool m_sign

Private Member Functions

 SumIF ()
void operator= (const SumIF &a_inputIF)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SumIF::SumIF ( const BaseIF a_impFunc1,
const BaseIF a_impFunc2,
const bool &  a_sign 

Constructor specifying two implicit functions as inputs.

SumIF::SumIF ( const Vector< BaseIF * > &  a_impFuncs  ) 

Constructor specifying any number of implicit functions as inputs.

SumIF::SumIF ( const SumIF a_inputIF  ) 

Copy constructor.

virtual SumIF::~SumIF (  )  [virtual]


SumIF::SumIF (  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Abort().

Member Function Documentation

void SumIF::setSign ( bool  a_sign  ) 

virtual Real SumIF::value ( const RealVect a_point  )  const [virtual]

Return the value of the function at a_point.

Implements BaseIF.

virtual Real SumIF::value ( const IndexTM< Real, GLOBALDIM > &  a_point  )  const [virtual]

Return the value of the function at a_point (of type INdexTM).

Reimplemented from BaseIF.

virtual Real SumIF::value ( const IndexTM< int, GLOBALDIM > &  a_partialDerivative,
const IndexTM< Real, GLOBALDIM > &  a_point 
) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from BaseIF.

virtual bool SumIF::getSign (  )  const [virtual]

virtual BaseIF* SumIF::getImplicitFunction ( int  a_num  )  [virtual]

virtual BaseIF* SumIF::newImplicitFunction (  )  const [virtual]

Return a newly allocated derived class. The responsibility for deleting the memory is left to the calling function.

Implements BaseIF.

virtual void SumIF::boxLayoutChanged ( const DisjointBoxLayout a_newBoxLayout,
const RealVect a_dx 
) [inline, virtual]

Pass this call onto the IFs contained in this IF class.

Reimplemented from BaseIF.

References m_impFuncs, and m_numFuncs.

void SumIF::operator= ( const SumIF a_inputIF  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Abort().

Member Data Documentation

int SumIF::m_numFuncs [protected]

Referenced by boxLayoutChanged().

Referenced by boxLayoutChanged().

bool SumIF::m_sign [protected]

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