Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
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MFDebugOut.H File Reference
#include "EBDebugOut.H"
#include "NamespaceHeader.H"
#include "NamespaceFooter.H"
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#define _MFDEBUGOUT_H_


void dumpLDMFCF (const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *ldptr)
void getMaxMFLevel (const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *ldptr)
void getMaxMFFAB (const MFCellFAB *cfptr)
void dumpMFLDDBL (const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *a_stenPtr)
void dumpLevDBIVF (const LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > *a_ldPtr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _MFDEBUGOUT_H_

Function Documentation

void dumpLDMFCF ( const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *  ldptr)
void getMaxMFLevel ( const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *  ldptr)
void getMaxMFFAB ( const MFCellFAB cfptr)
void dumpMFLDDBL ( const LevelData< MFCellFAB > *  a_stenPtr)
void dumpLevDBIVF ( const LevelData< BaseIVFAB< Real > > *  a_ldPtr)

Dump inputs to standard out. For use inside debuggers.