Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
Box Member List

This is the complete list of members for Box, including all inherited members.

adjCellBox(const Box &b, int dir, Side::LoHiSide a_side, int len)Boxfriend
adjCellHi(const Box &b, int dir, int len)Boxfriend
adjCellLo(const Box &b, int dir, int len)Boxfriend
bdryBox(const Box &b, int dir, Side::LoHiSide a_sd, int len)Boxfriend
bdryHi(const Box &b, int dir, int len)Boxfriend
bdryLo(const Box &b, int dir, int len)Boxfriend
bigEnd() const Boxinline
bigEnd(int dir) const Boxinline
bigEnd(const int dir) const Boxinline
Box(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big)Box
Box(const IntVect &small, const int *vec_len)Box
Box(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big, const IntVect &typ)Box
Box(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big, const IndexType &t)Box
Box(const IntVect &lb, const IntVect &ub)Boxinline
cellCentered() const Boxinline
chop(int dir, int chop_pnt)Box
coarsen(int refinement_ratio)Box
coarsen(const Box &b, int refinement_ratio)Boxfriend
coarsen(const IntVect &refinement_ratio)Box
coarsen(const Box &b, const IntVect &refinement_ratio)Boxfriend
coarsenable(int refrat) const Boxinline
contains(const IntVect &p) const Boxinline
contains(const Box &b) const Boxinline
convert(IndexType typ)Box
convert(const IntVect &typ)Boxinline
convert(int dir, IndexType::CellIndex typ)Box
convertNewToOld(const IntVect &a_permutation, const IntVect &a_sign, const IntVect &a_translation)Box
convertOldToNew(const IntVect &a_permutation, const IntVect &a_sign, const IntVect &a_translation)Box
copy() const Boxinline
define(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big)Box
define(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big, const IntVect &typ)Box
define(const IntVect &small, const IntVect &big, const IndexType &t)Box
define(const Box &b)Box
degenerate(Box &a_to, const SliceSpec &a_sliceSpec, bool *a_outofbounds=0) const Box
dumpOn(std::ostream &strm) const Box
enclosedCells(int dir)Boxinline
enclosedCells(const Box &b, int dir)Boxfriend
enclosedCells(const Box &b)Boxfriend
enclosedCells_int(int dir)Box
eq(const Box &b) const Box
getVect() const Boxinline
grow(int i)Boxinline
grow(const Box &b, int i)Boxfriend
grow(const IntVect &v)Boxinline
grow(const Box &b, const IntVect &v)Boxfriend
grow(int idir, int n_cell)Boxinline
growDir(int a_idir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd, int a_cell)Boxinline
growHi(int idir, int n_cell=1)Boxinline
growLo(int idir, int n_cell=1)Boxinline
HDF5Handle classBoxfriend
hiVect() const Boxinline
index(const IntVect &v) const Boxinline
intersects(const Box &b) const Box
intersectsNotEmpty(const Box &b) const Box
isEmpty() const Boxinline
ixType() const Boxinline
longside(int &dir) const Box
longside() const Box
loVect() const Boxinline
lt(const Box &rhs) const Box
minBox(const Box &b)Box
minBox(const Box &b1, const Box &b2)Boxfriend
neq(const Box &b) const Box
next(IntVect &) const Box
next(IntVect &p, const int *shv) const Box
numPts() const Box
ok() const Boxinline
operator!=(const Box &b) const Boxinline
operator&(const Box &) const Boxinline
operator&=(const Box &)Box
operator+(const IntVect &v) const Boxinline
operator+=(const IntVect &v)Boxinline
operator-(const IntVect &v) const Boxinline
operator-=(const IntVect &v)Boxinline
operator<(const Box &rhs) const Boxinline
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Box &bx)Boxfriend
operator==(const Box &b) const Boxinline
operator>>(std::istream &os, Box &bx)Boxfriend
p() const Box
refine(int refinement_ratio)Box
refine(const Box &b, int refinement_ratio)Boxfriend
refine(const IntVect &refinement_ratio)Box
refine(const Box &b, const IntVect &refinement_ratio)Boxfriend
sameSize(const Box &b) const Boxinline
sameType(const Box &b) const Boxinline
setBig(const IntVect &bg)Boxinline
setBig(int dir, int bg_index)Boxinline
setRange(int dir, int sm_index, int n_cells=1)Boxinline
setSmall(const IntVect &sm)Boxinline
setSmall(int dir, int sm_index)Boxinline
shift(int dir, int nzones)Boxinline
shift(const IntVect &iv)Boxinline
shift_intvect(const IntVect &iv)Box
shiftHalf(int dir, int num_halfs)Box
shiftHalf(const IntVect &iv)Box
shiftHalf_intvect(const IntVect &iv)Box
shortside(int &dir) const Box
shortside() const Box
sideEnd(Side::LoHiSide a_side) const Boxinline
size() const Boxinline
size(int dir) const Boxinline
size() const Boxinline
smallEnd() const Boxinline
smallEnd(int dir) const Boxinline
smallEnd(const int dir) const Boxinline
surroundingNodes(int dir)Boxinline
surroundingNodes(const Box &b, int dir)Boxfriend
surroundingNodes(const Box &b)Boxfriend
surroundingNodes_int(int dir)Box
type() const Boxinline
type(int dir) const Boxinline
volume() const Box