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CArena Class Reference

A Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management. More...

#include <Arena.H>

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Public Types

enum  { DefaultHunkSize = 1024*1024 }
 The default memory hunk size to grab from the heap. More...
- Public Types inherited from Arena
typedef void(* FP )()

Public Member Functions

 CArena (size_t a_hunk_size=0)
virtual ~CArena ()
 The destructor. More...
virtual void * alloc (size_t a_nbytes)
 Allocate some memory. More...
virtual void free (void *a_vp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Arena
 Arena ()
 base class constructor More...
virtual ~Arena ()
 base class destructor. More...

Private Member Functions

 CArena (const CArena &a_rhs)
CArenaoperator= (const CArena &a_rhs)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Arena
static size_t align (size_t a_sz)

Detailed Description

A Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management.

This is a coalescing memory manager. It allocates (possibly) large chunks of heap space and apportions it out as requested. It merges together neighboring chunks on each free().

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

The default memory hunk size to grab from the heap.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CArena::CArena ( size_t  a_hunk_size = 0)

: Construct a coalescing memory manager. `a_hunk_size' is the minimum size of hunks of memory to allocate from the heap. If a_hunk_size == 0 we use DefaultHunkSize as specified below.

virtual CArena::~CArena ( )

The destructor.

CArena::CArena ( const CArena a_rhs)

Member Function Documentation

virtual void* CArena::alloc ( size_t  a_nbytes)

Allocate some memory.

Implements Arena.

virtual void CArena::free ( void *  a_vp)

Free up allocated memory. Merge neighboring free memory chunks into largest possible chunk.

Implements Arena.

CArena& CArena::operator= ( const CArena a_rhs)

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