CartesianCoordSysFactory Class Reference

#include <CartesianCoordSys.H>

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factory for CartesianCoordSys

Public Member Functions

 CartesianCoordSysFactory (const ProblemDomain &a_baseDomain, const Vector< int > &a_vectRefRatios, const RealVect &a_baseDx, const RealVect &a_stretch=RealVect::Unit)
virtual CoordSys< FArrayBox,
FluxBox > * 
getCoordSys (const DisjointBoxLayout &grids, const ProblemDomain &levelDomain, const IntVect &a_ghostVect) const

Protected Attributes

Vector< ProblemDomainm_vectDomains
Vector< int > m_vectRefRatios
Vector< RealVectm_dxVect
RealVect m_stretch

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CartesianCoordSysFactory::CartesianCoordSysFactory ( const ProblemDomain a_baseDomain,
const Vector< int > &  a_vectRefRatios,
const RealVect a_baseDx,
const RealVect a_stretch = RealVect::Unit 


baseDomain is problemDomain at coarsest level (level 0) vectRefRefine are refinement ratios baseDx is cell spacing at level 0 maxLevel is defined by vectRefRefine.size() + 1

Member Function Documentation

virtual CoordSys<FArrayBox, FluxBox>* CartesianCoordSysFactory::getCoordSys ( const DisjointBoxLayout grids,
const ProblemDomain levelDomain,
const IntVect a_ghostVect 
) const [virtual]

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