CompGridVTOBC Member List

This is the complete list of members for CompGridVTOBC, including all inherited members.

BCFunction()BCFunction [inline]
CompBC()CompBC [inline]
CompBC(int a_nSource, IntVect a_nGhosts)CompBC
CompGridVTOBC(int a_nSource=1, IntVect a_nGhosts=IntVect::Unit)CompGridVTOBC [inline]
createCoefs()CompGridVTOBC [virtual]
define(int a_nSource, IntVect a_nGhosts)CompBC
fillGhostCells(const LevelData< FArrayBox > &phi, const Real dx, const bool homogeneous)BCFunction [inline]
fillGhostCells(const Vector< LevelData< FArrayBox > * > &phi, const Real dx0, const Vector< int > &refV, const bool homogeneous)BCFunction [inline]
getCoef(int a_iSrc, int a_iGhost=0)CompBC
isDiri(int dir, int side, int comp)CompGridVTOBC [inline]
m_isDefinedCompBC [protected]
m_nGhostsCompBC [protected]
m_nSourcesCompBC [protected]
m_RcoefsCompBC [protected]
nGhosts() const CompBC [inline]
nSources() const CompBC [inline]
operator()(FArrayBox &a_state, const Box &a_valid, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, Real a_dx, bool a_homogeneous)CompGridVTOBC [virtual]
operator()(FArrayBox &a_state, const Box &a_valid, const ProblemDomain &a_domain, Real a_dx, const DataIndex &a_index, bool a_homogeneous)CompGridVTOBC [inline, virtual]
setDiri(int dir, int side, int comp, bool a_diri=true)CompGridVTOBC [inline]
setTime(const Real &a_time)BCFunction [inline, virtual]
~BCFunction()BCFunction [inline, virtual]
~CompBC()CompBC [virtual]
~CompGridVTOBC()CompGridVTOBC [inline, virtual]

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