CylinderEquiangularCS Class Reference

#include <CylinderEquiangularCS.H>

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MultiBlockCoordSys with a central cubic box and four sectors.

MultiBlockCoordSys with a central cubic box and four sectors.

Public Member Functions

Constructors, destructor and defines
 CylinderEquiangularCS ()
virtual ~CylinderEquiangularCS ()
virtual void define (const ProblemDomain &a_levelDomain, const RealVect &a_dx)

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const CylinderEquiangularCS &)
 CylinderEquiangularCS (const CylinderEquiangularCS &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CylinderEquiangularCS::CylinderEquiangularCS (  ) 

Default constructor.

virtual CylinderEquiangularCS::~CylinderEquiangularCS (  )  [virtual]


CylinderEquiangularCS::CylinderEquiangularCS ( const CylinderEquiangularCS  )  [inline, private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CylinderEquiangularCS::define ( const ProblemDomain a_levelDomain,
const RealVect a_dx 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from CylinderCS.

void CylinderEquiangularCS::operator= ( const CylinderEquiangularCS  )  [inline, private]

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