Chombo + EB + MF  3.2
EBGraph Member List

This is the complete list of members for EBGraph, including all inherited members.

addEmptyIrregularVoFs(const IntVectSet &a_vofsToChange)EBGraph
addFullIrregularVoFs(const IntVectSet &a_vofsToChange, const EBGraph &a_ghostGraph)EBGraph
AllCovered enum valueEBGraph
AllRegular enum valueEBGraph
buildGraph(const BaseFab< int > &a_regIrregCovered, const Vector< IrregNode > &a_irregGraph, const Box &a_validRegion, const ProblemDomain &a_domain)EBGraphinline
coarsen(const FaceIndex &a_coarFace) const EBGraphinline
coarsen(const VolIndex &a_fineVoF) const EBGraphinline
coarsenFaces(const EBGraph &a_coarGhostGraph, const EBGraph &a_fineEBIS)EBGraphinline
coarsenFaces(const VolIndex &a_coarVoF, const EBGraph &a_coarGhostGraph, const EBGraph &a_fineGraph, const int &a_idir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd)EBGraph
coarsenVoFs(const EBGraph &a_fineGraph, const Box &a_coarRegion)EBGraphinline
copy(const Box &a_regionFrom, const Interval &Cd, const Box &a_regionto, const EBGraph &a_source, const Interval &Cs)EBGraphinline
define(const Box &box)EBGraph
EBGraph(const Box &a_box, int a_comps)EBGraph
EBGraph(const EBGraph &a_ebiin)EBGraph
EBGraph(const Box &box)EBGraph
EBIndexSpace classEBGraphfriend
EBISLevel classEBGraphfriend
FaceIteratorCache(const IntVectSet &ivs, int a_direction, FaceStop::WhichFaces a_loc) const EBGraphinline
FaceIteratorCache(const Box &a_region, int a_direction, FaceStop::WhichFaces a_loc) const EBGraphinline
fillCellTypeMask(BaseFab< char > &a_mask) const EBGraph
fillMask(BaseFab< char > &a_mask) const EBGraph
fixFineToCoarse(EBGraph &a_fineEBIS) const EBGraphinline
getAllFaces(const IntVect &a_iv, const int &a_idir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd) const EBGraphinline
getDomain() const EBGraphinline
getFaces(const VolIndex &a_vof, const int &a_idir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd) const EBGraphinline
getIrregCells(const Box &a_subbox) const EBGraphinline
getIrregFaces(const Box &a_box, int a_dir) const EBGraph
getMask(int &a_regIrregCovered) const EBGraphinline
getMultiCells(const Box &a_subbox) const EBGraphinline
getMultiValuedFaces(const int &a_idir, const Box &a_box) const EBGraph
getRegion() const EBGraphinline
getRegNextToMultiValued(IntVectSet &a_vofsToChange, const EBGraph &a_ghostGraph) const EBGraph
getVoFs(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
getVoFSets(const Box &a_region) const EBGraph
hasIrregular() const EBGraph
HasIrregular enum valueEBGraph
isAllCovered() const EBGraphinline
isAllRegular() const EBGraphinline
isConnected(const VolIndex &a_vof1, const VolIndex &a_vof2) const EBGraphinline
isCovered(const Box &a_box) const EBGraphinline
isCovered(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
isDefined() const EBGraphinline
isDomainSet() const EBGraph
isIrregular(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
isMultiValued(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
isRegular(const Box &a_box) const EBGraphinline
isRegular(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
linearIn(void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps)EBGraph
linearOut(void *buf, const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const EBGraph
numFaces(const Box &a_box, int a_dir) const EBGraph
numVoFs(const IntVect &a_iv) const EBGraphinline
numVoFs(const Box &a_box) const EBGraphinline
operator<(const EBGraph &a_ebiin) const EBGraphinline
operator=(const EBGraph &ebiin)EBGraphinline
operator==(const EBGraph &a_ebiin)EBGraphinline
refine(const VolIndex &a_coarVoF) const EBGraphinline
refine(const FaceIndex &a_coarFace, const EBGraph &a_fineGraph) const EBGraphinline
setDomain(const ProblemDomain &a_domain)EBGraphinline
size(const Box &R, const Interval &comps) const EBGraph
TAG enum nameEBGraph
VoFIteratorCache(const IntVectSet &ivs) const EBGraphinline