ExtrapAdvectBC Member List

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define(const ProblemDomain &a_domain, const RealVect &a_dx)ExtrapAdvectBC [virtual]
fluxBC(EBFluxFAB &a_flux, const EBCellFAB &a_Wcenter, const EBCellFAB &a_Wextrap, const Side::LoHiSide &a_sd, const Real &a_time, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox, const DataIndex &a_dit, const Box &a_box, const Box &a_faceBox, const int &a_dir)ExtrapAdvectBC [virtual]
initialize(LevelData< EBCellFAB > &a_conState, const EBISLayout &a_ebisl) const ExtrapAdvectBC [virtual]
m_domainExtrapAdvectBC [protected]
m_dxExtrapAdvectBC [protected]
m_isDefinedExtrapAdvectBC [protected]
setBndrySlopes(EBCellFAB &a_deltaPrim, const EBCellFAB &a_primState, const EBISBox &a_ebisBox, const Box &a_box, const int &a_dir)ExtrapAdvectBC [inline, virtual]
~EBPhysIBC()EBPhysIBC [virtual]
~ExtrapAdvectBC()ExtrapAdvectBC [virtual]

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