MFStencil Member List

This is the complete list of members for MFStencil, including all inherited members.

apply(MFCellFAB &a_lofphi, const MFCellFAB &a_phi, bool incrementOnly=false) const MFStencil
cache(const MFCellFAB &a_lphi) const MFStencil
computeOffsets(const Vector< agg_t > &a_stencil)MFStencil [protected]
m_cacheMFStencil [mutable, protected]
m_destTermsMFStencil [protected]
m_destVarMFStencil [protected]
m_ebisBoxMFStencil [protected]
m_ebstencilMFStencil [protected]
m_ghostVectLphMFStencil [protected]
m_ghostVectPhiMFStencil [protected]
m_gridMFStencil [protected]
m_lphBoxMFStencil [protected]
m_phiBoxMFStencil [protected]
MFStencil(const Vector< agg_t > &a_pointSten, const Box &a_gridBox, const Vector< EBISBox > &a_vectEBISBox, const IntVect &a_ghostVectLph, const IntVect &a_ghostVectPhi, int a_varDest)MFStencil
MFStencil()MFStencil [inline, private]
MFStencil(const MFStencil &stenin)MFStencil [inline, private]
operator=(const MFStencil &stenin)MFStencil [inline, private]
uncache(MFCellFAB &a_lphi) const MFStencil
~MFStencil()MFStencil [inline]

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