MFStencil Class Reference

#include <MFStencil.H>

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Detailed Description

Simple stencil aggregation for multifluid problems.

Public Member Functions

 ~MFStencil ()
 MFStencil (const Vector< agg_t > &a_pointSten, const Box &a_gridBox, const Vector< EBISBox > &a_vectEBISBox, const IntVect &a_ghostVectLph, const IntVect &a_ghostVectPhi, int a_varDest)
void apply (MFCellFAB &a_lofphi, const MFCellFAB &a_phi, bool incrementOnly=false) const
void cache (const MFCellFAB &a_lphi) const
void uncache (MFCellFAB &a_lphi) const

Protected Member Functions

void computeOffsets (const Vector< agg_t > &a_stencil)

Protected Attributes

Box m_grid
EBISBox m_ebisBox [2]
Box m_lphBox
Box m_phiBox
IntVect m_ghostVectPhi
IntVect m_ghostVectLph
int m_destVar
Vector< ebstencil_tm_ebstencil
Vector< destTerm_tm_destTerms
Vector< Realm_cache

Private Member Functions

 MFStencil ()
void operator= (const MFStencil &stenin)
 MFStencil (const MFStencil &stenin)


struct  agg_t
 structure to hold multifluid stencils More...
struct  destTerm_t
struct  ebstencil_t
struct  stencilTerm

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MFStencil::~MFStencil (  )  [inline]


MFStencil::MFStencil ( const Vector< agg_t > &  a_pointSten,
const Box a_gridBox,
const Vector< EBISBox > &  a_vectEBISBox,
const IntVect a_ghostVectLph,
const IntVect a_ghostVectPhi,
int  a_varDest 

pointSten is the stencil at each irregular cell gridBox is the box from the disjointboxlayout vectEBISBox[0] is the ebisbox from fluid 0 vectEBISBox[1] is the ebisbox from fluid 1 ghostVectLph is the ghost cells of the destination fab ghostVectPhi is the ghost cells of the input (phi) fab vardest is the variable location where data will be put lphi[ifluid](vof, vardest) = blah blah

MFStencil::MFStencil (  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

MFStencil::MFStencil ( const MFStencil stenin  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Function Documentation

void MFStencil::apply ( MFCellFAB a_lofphi,
const MFCellFAB a_phi,
bool  incrementOnly = false 
) const

Applies stencil to each component of phi using the stencil weights and offsets to compute L. If incrementOnly = true, a_lofphi is incremented without any set to zero. If false, a_lofphi is set to zero and set equal to L(phi).

void MFStencil::cache ( const MFCellFAB a_lphi  )  const

Cache lphi from inputs into internal storage.

void MFStencil::uncache ( MFCellFAB a_lphi  )  const

uncache lphi from internal storage into the input data holder.

void MFStencil::computeOffsets ( const Vector< agg_t > &  a_stencil  )  [protected]

void MFStencil::operator= ( const MFStencil stenin  )  [inline, private]

References MayDay::Error().

Member Data Documentation

Box MFStencil::m_grid [protected]

EBISBox MFStencil::m_ebisBox[2] [protected]

Box MFStencil::m_lphBox [protected]

Box MFStencil::m_phiBox [protected]

int MFStencil::m_destVar [protected]

Vector<Real> MFStencil::m_cache [mutable, protected]

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