SingleLevelDivergence Class Reference

#include <SingleLevelDivergence.H>

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Detailed Description

Class to encapsulate Divergence functions.

Static Public Member Functions

static void levelDivergenceMAC (LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_div, const LevelData< FluxBox > &a_uEdge, const Real a_dx)
static void simpleDivergenceMAC (FArrayBox &a_div, const FluxBox &a_uEdge, const Real a_dx)
 really basic single-fab MAC divergence

Member Function Documentation

static void SingleLevelDivergence::levelDivergenceMAC ( LevelData< FArrayBox > &  a_div,
const LevelData< FluxBox > &  a_uEdge,
const Real  a_dx 
) [static]

computes cell-centered level-operator divergence of edge-centered vector field uEdge; assumes all coarse-fine BC's have already been set.

static void SingleLevelDivergence::simpleDivergenceMAC ( FArrayBox a_div,
const FluxBox a_uEdge,
const Real  a_dx 
) [static]

really basic single-fab MAC divergence

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