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StdSetIVS Class Reference

IntVectSet implementation based std::set. More...

#include <StdSetIVS.H>

Public Member Functions

 StdSetIVS ()
 StdSetIVS (const Box &a_box)
 StdSetIVS (const StdSetIVS &a_sivs)
 ~StdSetIVS ()
void define (const Box &)
void define (const StdSetIVS &a_sivs)
StdSetIVSoperator= (const StdSetIVS &a_sivs)
StdSetIVSoperator|= (const StdSetIVS &a_sivs)
 or More...
StdSetIVSoperator|= (const IntVect &a_iv)
StdSetIVSoperator|= (const Box &a_box)
StdSetIVSoperator&= (const StdSetIVS &s_sivs)
 and More...
StdSetIVSoperator&= (const Box &a_box)
 and More...
StdSetIVSoperator&= (const ProblemDomain &a_domain)
 and More...
StdSetIVSoperator-= (const StdSetIVS &a_sivs)
 not More...
StdSetIVSoperator-= (const IntVect &a_iv)
 not More...
StdSetIVSoperator-= (const Box &a_box)
 not More...
bool operator== (const StdSetIVS &lhs) const
 returns true if More...
bool contains (const IntVect &iv) const
bool contains (const Box &box) const
void grow (int igrow)
void grow (int idir, int igrow)
void growHi ()
void growHi (int a_dir)
void refine (int iref=2)
void coarsen (int iref=2)
void shift (const IntVect &iv)
void clear ()
Box minBox () const
bool isEmpty () const
void makeEmpty ()
int numPts () const
int linearSize () const
void linearIn (const void *const inBuf)
void linearOut (void *const a_outBuf) const
void define (const Vector< IntVect > &a_vect)

Private Member Functions

void getVectorIV (Vector< IntVect > &a_vect) const

Private Attributes

std::set< IntVect, lex_compare_ivm_stdSet


class StdSetIVSIterator

Detailed Description

IntVectSet implementation based std::set.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StdSetIVS::StdSetIVS ( )
StdSetIVS::StdSetIVS ( const Box a_box)
StdSetIVS::StdSetIVS ( const StdSetIVS a_sivs)
StdSetIVS::~StdSetIVS ( )

Member Function Documentation

void StdSetIVS::define ( const Box )
void StdSetIVS::define ( const StdSetIVS a_sivs)
StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator= ( const StdSetIVS a_sivs)
StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator|= ( const StdSetIVS a_sivs)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator|= ( const IntVect a_iv)
StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator|= ( const Box a_box)
StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator&= ( const StdSetIVS s_sivs)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator&= ( const Box a_box)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator&= ( const ProblemDomain a_domain)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator-= ( const StdSetIVS a_sivs)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator-= ( const IntVect a_iv)


StdSetIVS& StdSetIVS::operator-= ( const Box a_box)


bool StdSetIVS::operator== ( const StdSetIVS lhs) const

returns true if

bool StdSetIVS::contains ( const IntVect iv) const
bool StdSetIVS::contains ( const Box box) const
void StdSetIVS::grow ( int  igrow)
void StdSetIVS::grow ( int  idir,
int  igrow 
void StdSetIVS::growHi ( )
void StdSetIVS::growHi ( int  a_dir)
void StdSetIVS::refine ( int  iref = 2)
void StdSetIVS::coarsen ( int  iref = 2)
void StdSetIVS::shift ( const IntVect iv)
void StdSetIVS::clear ( )
Box StdSetIVS::minBox ( ) const
bool StdSetIVS::isEmpty ( ) const
void StdSetIVS::makeEmpty ( )
int StdSetIVS::numPts ( ) const
int StdSetIVS::linearSize ( ) const
void StdSetIVS::linearIn ( const void *const  inBuf)
void StdSetIVS::linearOut ( void *const  a_outBuf) const
void StdSetIVS::define ( const Vector< IntVect > &  a_vect)
void StdSetIVS::getVectorIV ( Vector< IntVect > &  a_vect) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class StdSetIVSIterator

Member Data Documentation

std::set<IntVect, lex_compare_iv> StdSetIVS::m_stdSet

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