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SPMDI.H File Reference

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template<class T> int linearSize (const T &inputT)
template<class T> void linearIn (T &a_outputT, const void *const inBuf)
template<class T> void linearOut (void *const a_outBuf, const T &inputT)
template<class T> void gather (Vector< T > &a_outVec, const T &a_input, int a_dest)
template<class T> void broadcast (T &a_inAndOut, int a_src)
 broadcast to every process

template<class T> void linearListIn (Vector< T > &a_outputT, const void *const a_inBuf)
template<class T> void linearListOut (void *const a_outBuf, const Vector< T > &a_input)
template<class T> int linearListSize (const Vector< T > &a_input)

Function Documentation

template<class T>
void broadcast T &  a_inAndOut,
int  a_src

broadcast to every process

Broadcasts a_inAndOut to every process from process number a_src. It is an error if a_src < 0 or a_src >= numProc(). \

T must have have the following functions: \

int linearSize<T>(const T& inputT); \ void linearIn<T>(T& a_outputT, const void* const inBuf); \ void linearOut<T>(void* a_outBuf, const T& inputT); \

template<class T>
void gather Vector< T > &  a_outVec,
const T &  a_input,
int  a_dest

template<class T>
void linearIn T &  a_outputT,
const void *const  inBuf

template<class T>
void linearListIn Vector< T > &  a_outputT,
const void *const  a_inBuf

template<class T>
void linearListOut void *const  a_outBuf,
const Vector< T > &  a_input

template<class T>
int linearListSize const Vector< T > &  a_input  ) 

template<class T>
void linearOut void *const  a_outBuf,
const T &  inputT

template<class T>
int linearSize const T &  inputT  ) 

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