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BArena Class Reference

A Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management. More...

#include <Arena.H>

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Public Member Functions

 BArena (const char *name="unnamed")
virtual void * alloc (size_t sz)
virtual void free (void *pt)
 Deletes the arena pointed to by pt.

Detailed Description

A Concrete Class for Dynamic Memory Management.

This is the simplest dynamic memory management class derived from Arena.

Makes calls to ::operator new() and ::operator delete().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BArena::BArena const char *  name = "unnamed"  ) 


name used by memory tracker to distinguish between different memory Arenas

Member Function Documentation

virtual void* BArena::alloc size_t  sz  )  [virtual]

: Allocates a dynamic memory arena of size sz. Returns a pointer to this memory.

Implements Arena.

virtual void BArena::free void *  pt  )  [virtual]

Deletes the arena pointed to by pt.

Implements Arena.

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