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ParticleAMRNSFactory Class Reference

#include <ParticleAMRNSFactory.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ParticleAMRNSFactory ()
virtual AMRLevelnew_amrlevel () const
virtual ~ParticleAMRNSFactory ()
void CFL (const Real a_cfl)
void particleCFL (const Real a_particle_cfl)
 set cfl condition based on particles

void refinementThreshold (const Real a_refine_threshold)
void setPhysBC (const PhysBCUtil &a_physBC)
void setLimitSolverCoarsening (bool a_limitSolverCoarsening)

Protected Member Functions

void setDefaultValues ()

Protected Attributes

Real m_cfl
Real m_particleCFL
 cfl number for computing timestep based on particles

Real m_refine_thresh
bool m_limitSolverCoarsening

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParticleAMRNSFactory::ParticleAMRNSFactory  ) 

virtual ParticleAMRNSFactory::~ParticleAMRNSFactory  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::CFL const Real  a_cfl  ) 

virtual AMRLevel* ParticleAMRNSFactory::new_amrlevel  )  const [virtual]

Factory function. Creates a new AMRLevel. In your instantiation you should include defining all the stuff that is not part of the AMRLevel API.

Implements AMRLevelFactory.

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::particleCFL const Real  a_particle_cfl  ) 

set cfl condition based on particles

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::refinementThreshold const Real  a_refine_threshold  ) 

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::setDefaultValues  )  [protected]

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::setLimitSolverCoarsening bool  a_limitSolverCoarsening  ) 

void ParticleAMRNSFactory::setPhysBC const PhysBCUtil a_physBC  ) 

Member Data Documentation

Real ParticleAMRNSFactory::m_cfl [protected]

bool ParticleAMRNSFactory::m_limitSolverCoarsening [protected]

Real ParticleAMRNSFactory::m_particleCFL [protected]

cfl number for computing timestep based on particles

PhysBCUtil* ParticleAMRNSFactory::m_physBCPtr [protected]

Real ParticleAMRNSFactory::m_refine_thresh [protected]

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