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VelIBC Member List

This is the complete list of members for VelIBC, including all inherited members.
advectionVel(const RealVect &a_advVel)VelIBC
advectionVel() constVelIBC
fluxBC(FArrayBox &a_F, const FArrayBox &a_W, const FArrayBox &a_Wextrap, const int &a_dir, const Side::LoHiSide &a_side, const Real &a_time)VelIBC
getNormalWallVel(int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo) constVelIBC
getSlopeValue(int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo) constVelIBC
initialize(LevelData< FArrayBox > &a_U)VelIBC
m_bcValVelIBC [protected]
m_isBCvalSetVelIBC [protected]
m_isSlopeValSetVelIBC [protected]
m_probtypeVelIBC [protected]
m_slopeValVelIBC [protected]
m_velocityVelIBC [protected]
probType(const int a_probtype)VelIBC
probType() constVelIBC
setBdrySlopes(FArrayBox &a_dW, const FArrayBox &a_W, const int &a_dir, const Real &a_time)VelIBC
setNormalWallVel(Real a_bcVal, int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo)VelIBC
setSlopeValue(Real a_slopeVal, int a_dir, Side::LoHiSide a_hiLo)VelIBC
VelIBC(const Real &a_gamma, const Real &a_ambientDensity, const Real &a_deltaDensity, const int &a_pressure, const RealVect &a_center, const Real &a_size, const RealVect &a_velocity)VelIBC
~VelIBC()VelIBC [inline]

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