Chombo + EB  3.0
BiCGStabSolver< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BiCGStabSolver< T >, including all inherited members.

BiCGStabSolver()BiCGStabSolver< T >
define(LinearOp< T > *a_op, bool a_homogeneous)BiCGStabSolver< T >virtual
m_convergenceMetricBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_epsBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_exitStatusBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_hangBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_homogeneousBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_imaxBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_normTypeBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_numRestartsBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_opBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_repsBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_smallBiCGStabSolver< T >
m_verbosityBiCGStabSolver< T >
setConvergenceMetrics(Real a_metric, Real a_tolerance)BiCGStabSolver< T >virtual
setHomogeneous(bool a_homogeneous)BiCGStabSolver< T >inlinevirtual
solve(T &a_phi, const T &a_rhs)BiCGStabSolver< T >virtual
~BiCGStabSolver()BiCGStabSolver< T >virtual
~LinearSolver()LinearSolver< T >inlinevirtual